Opening Remarks and a Fashion Critique;

Greetings and salutations. I am Wrap Around Curl. Some of you may be familiar with my work where I go on about my team in the WHL, the Spokane Chiefs. They uhm had a bit of an incident with the Memorial Cup last year and they have a goalie whom I am quite fond of.  But enough about them. I am your Girl Saturday here. Which just might mean a bit of silly girl fun, be cool my babies.

Anyways onward! Shopping with Wrap, the Going Green Edition.

I have always been critical of the NHL merch. I am a firm believer in team color, non-sissy merch. I was quite confused to get an email from the NHL Shop declaring the arrival of the St Patricks Day merch. Which my brain cannot comprehend. At all. Can someone eplain it to me? In the meanwhile let’s just look at how wrong it all is.

your team! in small print. on your rack.

your team! in small print. on your rack.

Wow. It’s all flowery. They didn’t want to spring for sparkles? Girls LOVE sparkles. It’s like a scientific fact. We also LOVE pink. And PONIES! And MUFFINS! So Happy Drunko Day! In a goth font that doesn’t appear centered, thus making your chest look crooked when you wear it. What the hell is with like the Paris Hilton pose angle of the invisible mannequin? Is that to prepare you for walking sidways after too many Irish Carbombs? Whatever. I don’t even remember the price for this shirt.

comes pre-wrecked.

comes pre-wrecked.

Ok so in terms of fashion I sorta “get” the distressed look. However, a distressed screen design does not work on an item of clothing that is brand new. It just doesn’t. But I better not encourage them to pre-wreck and distress a shirt because that is how 200 dollar jeans happen. And the NHL merch is overpriced to begin with. For some reason I think the shirt is missing white paint splats.Price: 36 bucks.

you stop it.

you stop it.

Seriously. Just quit. It’s uggo. And I will not take a dude seriously wearing this. Why? Because he is probably plastered at the game. And asking my about the jersey I am wearing. Well he thinks that’s what he is asking but all I hear is “HEY WADDAYAWEARINNNNNAND…..OH DUDE DUDE! DUDE! BEER ME! OH YEAH I AM PISSING GREEN FOR THE NEXT WEEK.” Not cute. At all. Honestly, this looks like those fake team vintage retro hoodie whatevers they sell at Target that go on clearance for $7.43. NHL price: 39.99

I didn’t even go over all the NHL Merch. It makes me that stabby.


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One Response to Opening Remarks and a Fashion Critique;

  1. Archimedies says:

    Ohhhh Wrap, you’ve done it again.

    I must say, I really don’t like anything about that Leafs sweater. Hate the pre-distressed look, hate the clover on the shoulder patch, hate the colour, hate, hate, hate it.

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