We Realized, These Weekends Aren’t as Fun Without Posts to Read

Do you enjoy Puck the Media?  Do you have a solid grasp of the subject matter we cover on a day-to-day basis?  Can you commit to doing three posts a day every Saturday and Sunday?

We at Puck the Media are looking for a Weekend Puckfather (or Mother) and we’d like for it to come from the readership.  E-Mail us at SMLepore@comcast.net if you’d like to be considered for the job, or if you have a suggestion for who should be doing it.

We will be going out to established bloggers to do the job, but we’d like to mix in some of our readers to see if we can involve you all more in the blog.  This is the commitment we’d need:

  • 2-3 Posts on Saturdays and Sundays on a weekly basis.
  • A Liveblog of the NBC game that Sunday (if there is one) 
  • Humorous, thoughtful, insightful commentary.
  • The ability and discretion to break news that fits the tone of the blog.

Once again, if interested, please submit to SMLepore@comcast.net 

Your stuff could be appearing in Puck the Media about now-ish.


The Weekly Recap: We Never Wanna Go Without Interwebs Again

Well, that was certainly a weird week.  We went two days without doing a thing, due to not having internet access.  Then we busted in with a of stuff Wednesday through today.  We’re going to kick back for some late-night hockey this weekend, as it’s always weird when the Devils are on the left coast.  We’re also going to be concentrating on the Giants eventual beating of the Eagles.  Next week should be exciting, as well discuss more nonsense, and count down to the beginning of the NHL on NBC a week from Sunday.

Thank you for your amazing support of Puck the Media.  After the jump, linkage to some of the Best of PTM this week.

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Puck the Media’s NHL Tournament of Announcers, Round 3, Match 2, Danny Gallivan Bracket Final: Howie Rose vs. Dave Strader


First of all, your winner and champion of the Foster Hewitt Bracket is… Mike Emrick.

He moves on to take on the victor of this matchup in the semi-finals.  We’ve got Islanders announcer and #5 Seed Howie Rose taking on Coyotes/VERSUS/Winter Classic play-by-play man Dave Strader in this faceoff.  Voting lasts 24 hours, so get going!

CBC To Bring Out Celebs, Legends for Habs Tribute

Everyone’s around the sport has been celebrating the Canadiens Centennial celebration this year, and CBC is no exception.  Canada’s public broadcaster will present a special titled “The Montreal Canadiens: 100 Years – 100 Stars” on Friday, January 23rd, the day before the All-Star festivities begin.

The special will feature your requisite interviews with such Habs greats as Jean Beliveau, Henri Richard, Guy LaFleur, Guy Carbonneau, Bob Gainey and Ken Dryden.  But it will also feature comments from other celebrities such as Dan Aykroyd, Jay Baruchel, Tommy Lasorda and Jason Priestly.

We’ll hope this one pops up on YouTube or CBC’s video site so we can check it out, it should be fun for those of you who can see it.  The full CBC press release is after the jump.

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VERSUS Screws the Pooch on Monday’s Tampa-LA Game


The Kings have been promoting the Stamkos-Doughty Showdown

The Kings have been promoting the Stamkos-Doughty Showdown

One of the things we complain about here at Puck the Media is what we see, or at least perceive as, the “Hockey Laziness” that VERSUS can sometimes show.  Their weird occasional nights off on Monday and Tuesdays, ignoring the WJC’s and minor league/NCAA hockey, and the nightly highlight show we spoke with Bucci about earlier today.

Well, this is a different complaint today.  We usually don’t rag VERSUS for not picking up west coast games on nights when they’d be obvious for doubleheader stuff.  We understand that it costs a lot to broadcast games way out west, and were pretty sure VERSUS doesn’t have a bureau out there, though they can correct us if this isn’t true.  Also, the games don’t draw the greatest of ratings and the Kings were supposed to suck this year.

But here we are with a historic night in the NHL, as the Kings so nicely promoted it.  You have the #1 pick in the 2008 draft, Steven (Seen Him) Stamkos, and the #2 pick in the 2008 draft, Drew (No Nickname Yet) Doughty, meeting for the first time.  A game like this in the NBA and NFL would be promoted to no end, and given the national spotlight.

VERSUS even has the perfect lead-in with a Red Wings game on Monday night.  Anyone willing to watch Wings-Stars on VERSUS has to have a curiosity to tune into one period of Lightning-Kings, despite the fact that the Lightning are terrible.  But again, VERSUS shows off it’s hockey laziness, as they are not airing a doubleheader between October 3rd and March 30th.  It’s a shame, because being able to watch late-night hockey without going through, ahem, non-traditional channels is always awesome.

NBC’s Final Rating For Winter Classic Up 14%

Thanks to Sports Media Watch for this post concerning the “final” ratings for the Winter Classic.  See, the overnight ratings are a compilation of the numbers from the Top 55 American TV Markets.  The final ratings factor in everywhere else.

Via SMW:

The Red Wings’ win over the Blackhawks, which took place at Chicago’s Wrigley Field,drew a 2.5/5 final rating on NBC on New Year’s Day. The 2.5 rating marks a 14% increase over a 2.2 for last year’s Winter Classic between the Penguins and Sabres at Ralph Wilson Stadium.

The 2.5 rating is the highest for a regular season NHL telecast since at least 1996, and is the fifth-highest rating for any NHL telecast — regular season or playoffs — since the 2004-05 lockout.

Compared to other sports, the 2.5 rating surpasses the regular season averages for the NBA on ABC (2.2)* and MLB on FOX (2.0).

Obviously, the ratings will go down when the NHL goes inside on NBC, but we hope at least some of the folks who tuned in will stick around.  Remember, The NHL On NBC returns one week from Sunday when the Rangers visit the Penguins at 12:30 PM ET.  We’ll have more on NBC’s return next week.

Analyzing the Attendance: Even Nasty NHL Attendance Nights Have Their Silver Linings




This is not a knock on these good people, or any other Florida Panthers fans.  But drawing is a struggle for this team, as they only got 10,323 vs. the Hurricanes last night.  For a team that’s clearly around to stay in at least a chase for a playoff spot, in a market where hockey fans clearly exist (their title run and tons of re-located New Yorkers prove that) they are disappointing at the gate, on a Thursday night vs. a division rival.

There was some more not-so-great attendance news in the NHL last night.  This myth that Sidney Crosby is a draw everywhere he goes is just that, a myth.  Crosby and the Pens drew 14,297, well short of a sellout in Nashville on Thursday for the Pens 5-3 loss to the Preds.  Ditto the idea that the Hawks are becoming a big draw, as only 15,174 came out to the Pepsi Center in Denver for the Avs 2-1 win over Chicago.

So, was there any good news to go along with this bad stuff in the NHL last night?  Of course there was, it’s just that those three numbers in particular were pretty distressing.  Let’s go game-by-game, as we will occasionally here at Puck the Media, and analyze the attendance.

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Puck the Media Interview: ESPN’s John Buccigross Talks Jack Falla, Hockey on TV, and Protruding Hairlines

ESPNs John Buccigross in Wham! Mode

ESPN's John Buccigross in Wham! Mode

John Buccigross has company for his hockey watching at the ESPN campus in Bristol, Connecticut.  Where once it was just he and analyst Barry Melrose, now there is a third man in: ESPN’s Matthew Barnaby.  In what we hope won’t be our last chat with Bucci this season, we talked about the influx of new blood at ESPN, hair gel, and why folks have such an affection for NHL2Night, after the jump.

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CBC Saturday: SUNDIN!!!!! And Your Announcing Schedule For Hockey Night in Canada This Week

We were a bit curious as to why, after what a circus the Mats Sundin nonsense was, neither national network in Canada broadcast his first game, in Edmonton on Wednesday.  Were sure Rogers Sportsnet had no interest whatsoever in giving up the rights, but CBC and TSN usually get what they want.

Well, Hockey Night in Canada has Sundin this week, and is sending half of it’s “A”-team to the game.  Here’s the announcing schedule for this Saturday’s edition of HNIC.  What follows after the jump is the CBC’s entire press release for Sundin-o-rama this weekend.

7:00 PM 

Philadelphia vs. Toronto 
Nationally, with the exception of Ottawa, Quebec, Alberta and British Columbia.
Play-by-Play: Bob Cole
Color: Greg Millen
Reporter: Elliotte Friedman

Washington vs. Montreal
Airing: in Quebec, Alberta and British Columbia.
Play by Play: Mark Lee
Color: Craig Simpson
Reporter: Cassie Campbell

NY Rangers vs. Ottawa
Airing: in Ottawa only.
Play by Play: Dean Brown
Color: Gary Galley 

10:00 PM 
San Jose vs. Vancouver
Play by Play: Jim Hughson
Color: Marc Crawford
Reporter: Scott Oake 

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Mikhail Grabovski is Funny, and Joe Bowen and Greg Millen’s Call is Just as Funny

We’re not usually big “did you see this last night?” videos, but we thought this was too priceless to pass up on.  Joe Bowen and Greg Millen with the call on Sportsnet Ontario, and some great stuff as Mikhail Grabovski wants a Kostitsyn brother in Montreal.  “Well, I’m looking forward to the next trip to Montreal”.  We are too, Joe.