We Interrupt This Day Off For Shocking News: The NHL Drew a 1.0 for an Indoor Game

We’ll this is unexpected.  Check out this news from SBD via Sports Media Watch:

Rangers/Penguins, NBC’s first Sunday afternoon NHL telecast of the season, drew a 1.0/2 final rating, up 25% from a 0.8/2 for the comparable Bruins/Rangers game last year. Excluding the two Winter Classics, the 1.0 is the highest rating for a regular season NHL telecast on NBC since regional coverage drew a 1.2 in March 2007.

Last season, none of NBC’s post-Winter Classic NHL telecasts drew a 1.0 rating.

So far this season, NBC is averaging a 1.8 rating for two NHL telecasts, up 20% from a 1.5 through two games last year.

Good news for NBC, who will likely see another ratings jump from Detroit-Pittsburgh in a couple weeks, which will blow Rangers-Montreal from last year out of the water.  The NHL keeps trending up on TV.

Since we have you for a moment, please join us tomorrow, starting at 9:30 AM for an All-Star Extravaganza (To Avoid Suspension From the NHL).  We’ll have All-Star themed posts and a ton of video from past All-Star games to get you ready for our Skills Competition Liveblog at 7PM (Unless some larger blog decides to do one, in which case were SOL and JWF).