I hate March Madness.

No really. I can’t think of a more miserable time of year than March. It means that the hockey season is ending (except the Chiefs made the playoffs). The weather is in that strange and awkward in betweenness. And all I hear is BRACKETBRACKETBRACKETBRACKETBRACKET. It’s enough to make me want to rage. You see, I don’t like basketball. It’s too high scoring. It’s dull. And I hate the sound of shoes squeeking on the floor. My supreme disliking probably comes from the fact that as a resident of Spokane, I am supposed to be a rabid Gonzaga supporter. I am not. Gonzaga peeps don’t like it when you tell them their leading dude with a mustache pretty much looks like a child molester. If people cared about WHL/OHL/QMJHL playoffs as much as they cared about basketball, I’d be a less stabby individual. I have more important things to worry about than the Madness. Like, what color should I paint my nails. Finding a recipe for a good March pie. Doing my taxes. Pissing off PETA by consuming junior bacon cheeseburgers…You see, paying attention to basketball is sooooo not on that list. So if you ask me about my Final Four, odds are I will slap you. Not in the fun way either.

I won’t lie though, Obama filling out his bracket is totally cute and charming. And ZOMG! We’re both left handed!

I am totally like Lemon

I am totally like Lemon


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11 Responses to I hate March Madness.

  1. stevelepore says:

    Are they still gay for Adam Morrisonn?

  2. Leafer1984 says:

    Im totally with you on this one. March Madness is so freaking annoying. I enjoyed seeing Morrison crying tho, I kinda chuckled.

    Also its cheesebourgers!

  3. People do care about major junior leagues….in the countries where those leagues play.

  4. @stevelepore … FLAMING! Spokane is still gaga for Larry Bird…?

    Normally I just come over to PTM, chuckle or read (whatever) and then go about my merry way but since it’s a very dear topic to me as well, I’ll say my 2…

    I hate March Madness and everything BB related and I don’t hate many things. I even did stats for two years to try and understand why it’s ‘all the rage’. Ugh. Still don’t get it. Never got a refund for those 2 years either. I can’t stand it when they trip and fall to the floor and they have to call in the paramedics to haul them off the floor… try surviving a check from behind into the glass then call me to care. Now that I’m all worked up about it, I’ll have to go take up my own word space. Also, Hoopfest can rot![rant.over]

    If you ask me who my final 4 are, I’ll use big words like Kiprusoff or Kovalchuk and chat about the spunkiness of the Canucks or Mike Babcock. Firm elbow-to-face maneuver shuts up any complainers. 🙂 GO HOCKEY!!

  5. DB's Treasure says:

    hate hate HATE March Madness! GO FLYERS!!!!!

  6. Dana says:

    I HATE it, too! PUT the damned games on the sports channels!!!!!

    • Lou says:

      God! And here I am thinking I was the only true red blooded Amefrican that HATES (cringes) March freaken madness.

  7. Dave says:

    I also can not stand March madness and everything that is basketball related. You mistakenly make contact with someone when they have the ball and it’s called a foul. Such a boring sport.

    In fact, when I moved into my house, there was a basketball hoop…the first thing I did was immediately take it down.

    I’ve been around hockey my whole life…basketball sucks

  8. Jamie S says:

    Finally more basketball haters! I hate the sneaker sound too! Even more than the sound of loud cars going in circles and planes flying overhead while Jim Nance whispers about a birdie putt.

    The basic rules of basketball are too open to interpretation. And if one more person tells me”Well that’s because you’re watching the NBA. You just need to give the college game a chance”… Tried that, they both suck.

    By the time March madness starts, spring training has lost it’s charm, opening day is still almost 3 weeks away, hockey and the EPL are almost done and the NFL draft is still a long ways off. March is probably my least favorite sports month. In February not alot may be going on but at least the sports talk shows are not 24/7 basketball.

  9. C. says:

    With u all the way, i hate March Madness and i’m not a big fan of Basketball, i kind a HATE IT!

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