Shopping with Wrap: The Pink Jersey Edition.

You know, I really dream of the day when I don’t have to criticize the NHL merch. But I am a person who is rarely content and often finds things to complain about. Which is great, because more blog material. It perhaps sucks for you, because you probably want me to get a new schtick by now. Hush I am carving out my niche, mmmkay? Besides, I like to think I have some degree of fashion knowledge. Despite the fact I am sitting here now eating Wheat Thins and wearing sweat pants I bought at Target today for $1.62 and I have on my Tampa Bay jersey. With Tokarski on the back. I am keeping the dream alive. Anyways, onto my current complaint; the thing with girl jerseys.

Some people think I utterly hate and despise pink jerseys. This is mostly fact. However my exception to the rule is when a team wears them to raise breast cancer awareness. Or the sale of merchandise benefits breast cancer charities or research. You see? I have a kind of have a heart after all. In fact, tonight my junior team will be playing on pink ice, with pink skate tape and stick tape. But I am not happy. Why? Because I don’t think they are doing enough for the cause. I want the boys to wear pink jerseys. I am pretty sure their  jerseys would look flyyyyy if they were black with pink. Those jerseys could then be auctioned off and money would be raised for one of my favorite causes. But no, I am dissatisfied. I think back to the junior team in October who’s name I am blanking on, they dyed their hair magenta and went all out. That’s what I want to see. I even dyed my hair in October, a vivid Anime-esque magenta. When someone asked me why it was that color I was happy to tell them “for breast cancer awareness month.” And there would be people who said, “I didn’t know that was going on now.”

My problem is the NHL merch that is pink, people assume money from the items is going to a cause, when it’s not. And if it was, I am pretty sureeeee the NHL would make me aware of it. But that’s the thing, people commonly associate the powder pink with the cause. Which is cool with me. I bought my mom a rad KitchenAid stand mixer in THE pink because I knew 50 bucks was going to benefit Susan B Komen. Maybe the NHL doesn’t need to make breast cancer their cause, but I am a believer in using power for good instead of evil.

But what do we girls get out of the NHL? Jerseys that look like this. Ah the Silver Ice jersey. Because the grey and pink, the blue and grey and the white with sugar glitter wasn’t enough. No, the sugar glitter was not an invention on my part. It’s in the product description. But yes, a silver emblem on a white jersey is going to look AHHHHHMAZING when that dude dumps his nacho cheese on you on accident because he is totally schlitzed. The jersey is too tame. It whispers. It lacks the loud declaration and boldness I expect with team colors. I do not allow passive fandom. You bought the jersey, wear it with pride. Why does the NHL think we are all a bunch of delicate little flowers? It’s so not the case….

Programming Note: Easy Like Friday Afternoon

We’re kinda burnt out on this week, folks.  With no NBC game Sunday, we’re gonna take off till Monday morning.  Wrap is here Saturday, but otherwise quiet unless something big breaks.  Thank you for your continued support.

Your Mid-Day YouTube Compulsory: Does This Scene Look Familiar?



Part 1 of a 2-Part Mid-Day YouTube Compulsory: Hockey Player Acting!

Zach Parise, Alex Ovechkin and Ryan Getzlaf star in a “Scotiabank NHL Fan Fav” commercial.

5 Ways to Improve VERSUS

This isn’t really in regards to hockey, these are just general suggestions for how VERSUS can really make things better.

1. License Some PGA Events From The Golf Channel – TGC and VERSUS, which share a marketing department and formerly an HD network, are both owned by Comcast, so it wouldn’t be that difficult to make it happen.  VERSUS weekends are quickly becoming competitive with Indy Racing and high profile college football.  Some early-round golf would add to VERSUS profile and fill time during the Summer.

2. Ditto Tennis Channel – VERSUS has aired The Davis Cup for as long as it’s aired hockey, so there is a considerable tennis presence on the network.  Additionally, the network went after the US Open in the last rights battle.  Tennis would also fill up non-outdoor programming on VERSUS.  They need to trump the idea that it’s only a hunting channel.

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VERSUS Playoff Problem: Who’s Calling These Games?


Mike Emrick and Ed Olczyk

Mike Emrick and Ed Olczyk

We look at the standings pretty often, as any NHL fan does.  We noticed something recently, that numerous teams that have broadcasters who work for The NHL On VERSUS are in the playoff picture.

What the hell does that mean?  That means some of your favorite commentators will not be able to work some of the bigger games once the playoffs starts.  For example, while Mike Emrick can get out of Devils work to do NBC games, the same does not hold true for VERSUS.  Ditto Eddie Olczyk.

So, who is available at this point?  If the playoffs began today, here’s a list of VERSUS talent that could do Stanley Cup opening round games:

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CBC’s Fifth Estate to Investigate Fighting in Hockey

December 12, 2008 is a day Mike Sanderson will never forget. Following a tussle with another player, Mike’s son, 21-year-old hockey player Don Sanderson, fell to the ice, hitting his head. After three weeks in a coma, Don Sanderson died.  His death re-ignited a simmering debate – never far from the surface in this country – about fighting in hockey.

For those who know hockey best – the players and the coaches – the game, and the fighting, are governed by an unwritten law some insist makes the sport safer. They call it The Code and claim it’s about pride, solidarity, even sportsmanship. The Code is often upheld by a player who is the biggest and the toughest – the enforcer – whose talent on the ice lies not in scoring goals, but in protecting his teammates and exacting revenge on an opponent who dares to take a shot at his team’s star player.

 In this week’s episode of the fifth estate you will meet some of the men who, for better or worse, have lived by The Code. Reporter Bob McKeown interviews players, hockey officials and sports commentators, including Don Cherry and Bob McCown, in this in-depth look at both sides of the debate. 

Former NHLers Nick Kypreos and Marty McSorley re-live their experience of The Code and how it ended their hockey careers, but for very different reasons. Viewers will hear from the NHL’s current “heavyweight champion”, Montreal Canadiens’ Georges Laraque as well as Brian Burke, President and General Manager of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

And the fifth estate also talks to Mike Sanderson, who lost his son to The Code, and for whom this is no debate at all, but a very personal tragedy.

Executive producer of the fifth estate is David Studer. Senior producer is Sally Reardon. CBC Newsworld rebroadcasts the fifth estate on Saturdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT, Sundays at 7 p.m. ET.