5 Ways to Improve VERSUS

This isn’t really in regards to hockey, these are just general suggestions for how VERSUS can really make things better.

1. License Some PGA Events From The Golf Channel – TGC and VERSUS, which share a marketing department and formerly an HD network, are both owned by Comcast, so it wouldn’t be that difficult to make it happen.  VERSUS weekends are quickly becoming competitive with Indy Racing and high profile college football.  Some early-round golf would add to VERSUS profile and fill time during the Summer.

2. Ditto Tennis Channel – VERSUS has aired The Davis Cup for as long as it’s aired hockey, so there is a considerable tennis presence on the network.  Additionally, the network went after the US Open in the last rights battle.  Tennis would also fill up non-outdoor programming on VERSUS.  They need to trump the idea that it’s only a hunting channel.

3. Create a “Late Night Lineup” – For better or worse (definitely worse), we have to settle with the fact that VERSUS likes having “Sports Soup”.  But, can we at least agree that they need to tie in a legitimate nightly sports show to balance it out?  How about this…

11:00 SportsNite
12:00 Sports Soup
and at 12:30…


Even a re-run of the post-game Hockey Central from after the VERSUS game, with only three new productions throughout the week.  Is that cheap enough for you VERSUS?

5. Just… you know… try to care a little more…

VERSUS claims to “immerse it’s audience” in everything it does, but it’s barely a toe into the deep end of what they could be doing with hockey.  Why can’t we have like, an hour of trade deadline coverage?  Some World Junior stuff?  A re-run of “Day in the Life” on NHL Network?  Anything?  No?  Well… okay. 


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