Lil Wayne Discusses Fighting in Hockey

We’re big fans of Lil Wayne, he’s a hilarious, entertaining, gregarious rapper who manages to make listenable beats even for the most rap-a-phobic white kid.  This is why we were excited to see Lil Wayne on “Around the Horn” yesterday.  Also, because we’re never excited to see “Around the Horn” ever.

Anyway, one of the topics that came up (2:50 into the video) was fighting in hockey.  While Weezy doesn’t think “they’ll ever be able to stop the fighting” he supports multiple-game suspensions and immediate ejections for those who do fight.  He also wants them to immediately stop fights in which a player loses or takes off his helmet.

Just another perspective to throw into this great fighting debate.


Is This the Pansification of the NHL that Mike Milbury is Referring To?


via Alanah at Canucks and Beyond

via Alanah at Canucks and Beyond

Okay mom and dad, you win.  We guess putting photos on Facebook can harm you’re career.

Anyway, way to go Alanah for finding this stuff.  It is not a good day to be Daniel Alfredsson.

NHL Network to Air Hockey Day in Canada

Jealous.  So much so.  Here’s NHL Network US’ schedule for Saturday, February 21:

12:00 PM – Hockey Day in Canada from Campbelltown, NB

3:00 PM – Hockey Day in Canada: Senators-Canadiens

7:00 PM – Hockey Day in Canada: Canucks-Maple Leafs

10:00 PM – Hockey Day in Canada: Flames-Oilers

12:30 AM – HNIC After Hours

Should be an awesome day.  Another thing to check out on NHL Net?  All day this Saturday they’re showing the three games from the US-Canada World Cup Final in 1996.

We hate not having that channel.  So very much.

Paul Kelly Talks to VERSUS About Fighting

Check out the interview here.  Hockey Central has started doing a better job getting interviews with various hockey luminaries, and this chat with NHLPA head Paul Kelly about the state of fighting in the league was, gosh darnit, pretty solid.

Now if only they could get Olczyk to stop saying “active stick” all the time.

Top 5: Best Mainstream Hockey Blogs

We’ve been waiting a little while for this list.  This is just a Top 5 list of some of our favorite blogs written by people who are paid to write about hockey in newspapers anyway.  

5. Tom Gulitti, Fire & Ice

We’re Devils fans, so we’re biased (Which, by the way, is the official drinking game trigger of Puck the Media) but Gulitti’s reporting made following a team that was once known for being the death towards everything in hockey might even convert of few hockey Puritans who still think the trap was masterminded by Lou Lamoriello.  Gulitti’s is constantly willing to update and break stories, such as Martin Brodeur’s half-season long injury and Brendan Shanahan’s signing with New Jersey.  Plus, Gulitti’s finally starting to let a little of his wit show off on the site, and it’s made it all the better.

4. George Richards, On Frozen Pond

It can be hard for a fan in the south to follow hockey, especially before blogs existed.  But guys like George Richards are making it easy to give the ice-starved in South Florida the 411 on One Panther Parkway.  Moves up to fourth for being the first person ever to call the New Jersey Nets “Netropolitans”.

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