The NHL On NBC, Game of the Week #2: Detroit vs. Pittsburgh, Or “Filler Material Between Intermissions”

Hey everybody, it’s the return of The NHL On NBC!  It’s this Sunday!  At 12:30!  Promotions!

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Okay, Henrik Lundqvist, Please Stop Appearing in Variations of Vogue Magazines

From the NHL’s Media Website:

New York Rangers goaltender Henrik Lunqvist is featured in the January 2009 issue of  L’uomo Vogue, the Italian men’s fashion magazine. Famed fashion photographer Bruce Weber shot Lundqvist for the issue.

Henrik, you’re a very good goalie, but enough with this fashion nonsense.  Avery’s off the team a while now, there’s no need to replace him in the whole “fashionista” role.

That said, we’ll probably post some photos from this when they become available.

Your Mid-Day YouTube Compulsory: Great Brawls From The NHL On ABC

So, With Beckham Leaving, Will Alexi Lalas Admit That Soccer Didn’t “Pick Off” Hockey?


MLS Executive Alexi Lalas

MLS Executive Alexi Lalas

We swear we liked Alexi Lalas at one point.  He was traded to the MetroStars when we were in our very early teens, at the peak of our soccer-loving period (Seriously, it was 1A. with hockey at 1).  But at some point, he just became a dink, to use a Milbury-ism (too soon?).  Never any more so than when he gave the prediction that soccer was going to pass hockey on the American sports landscape with the arrival of David Beckham to the LA Galaxy, as he told The Globe and Mail via Fanhouse:

With Beckham’s handsome face to market, with a broad participatory base and with an ever-expanding soccer-mad Hispanic community in the United States now roughly equivalent to the population of Canada, soccer has a leg up on at least one other exotic game struggling to gain a foothold in much the American market – a game that once tried dropping its own golden boy into Hollywood for a time.

“I think that we can – and I say this with all due respect for Canada, which may be the only the only place where I’ll get a major argument – pick off hockey here, and then we’ll move on to the next major-league sport,” Lalas said. “We can start picking them off one by one.”

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So Let’s Talk About the Milbury-Connolly Thing

Look, Barry Melrose Rocks, Puck Daddy and Awful Announcing have all covered this better than I did.  Here’s essentially what happened, via BMR:

During the second intermission, they’re going through highlights from games around the league. You would think things would be pretty tame. I know, it’s Milbury, but we’re talking about simple highlights here. Well, when they get to highlights of the Buffalo game, they play the video of Connolly’s goal, which opened the scoring. Tappen decides to ask Milbury for some comments on Connolly and he responds in the way we’ve kind of come to expect: “Tim Connolly, a former fifth overall pick…when he’s not injured or acting like a self-centered little dick he’s a very good player”

Live TV and folks who don’t have any internal mute buttons, a match made in heaven! A big thanks to NESN for giving Milbury a mic when he’s not on NBC or CBC. You’re keeping the masses entertained!

As others have explained, it turns out that Milbury actually said “dink”, which is certainly less offensive than the other thing.  But look, Milbury’s going to say some controversial things.  Whether they’re right or wrong, it’s what he’s paid to do and he certainly hasn’t disappointed.  We’ll have more on him (and his feud with Pierre McGuire) later in the day.