We Really Love Jack Edwards Bingo

Finally, someone has taken those fun Deadspin Liveblog Bingo games that we enjoy so much.  We were thinking about doing them for some down-the-road Doc Emrick, John Forslund or Mike Lange called games during the playoffs (assuming the latter two’s teams make the playoffs) with their various phrases, but the ultimate right now is Mr. Edwards (or Randy Moller).  

Via NESN.com:

Bruins fans, get in the game with Jack Bingo. Here’s your chance to play along at home with your favorite NHL play-by-play man, Jack Edwards.

Just print out one of the four Jack Bingocards below. Every time you hear Jack utter one of his signature phrases during a Bruins broadcast on NESN, mark off that box on your card. We’ll play along throughout every Bruins game night, too.

Sounds like fun, if anyone tries it out for a night, tell us how it goes.


2 Responses to We Really Love Jack Edwards Bingo

  1. A guy on a message board I frequent tried it last night, almost got bingo but was missing “Down the River.”

    This will be a drinking game in casa de adventure next time I’m watching a game on NESN.

  2. Nick says:

    NESN likes to steal other peoples work without giving credit huh?? This guy Andrew on BostonDieHards.com made the Bingo game and NESN takes the board, uses the same phrases, updates the graphics and passes it off as their own. They should be recieving a lawsuit soom.

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