What This Is

Listen, I love hockey blogs just as much as you, my reader does.  In fact, if you’re reading this, 99% chance is you’re a blogger yourself.  But, I think, there needs to be someone to keep this gang of jokesters in check.  This is the page for that.  If you read something a blogger, or a mainstream writer, TV personality, whatever says, E-mail me, and I’ll take a look at it, and then be your voice.  Just hope you’re into screaming loudly in WordPress format.


6 Responses to What This Is

  1. Joe Otero says:

    Nice to see that NHLN and Comcast agreed to a new carriage deal. This puts the channel on Comcast’s Digital Classic package, thereby increasing the number of available homes able to get NHLN. Now if they can put NHLNHD on all Comcast systems before the start of next season us fans will be ALL SET.!!!

  2. Jason says:

    Hey Man I just launched my own Hockey blog last week and I am going around to Hockey related blogs to drum up some Traffic. I would love to exchange links with you if at all possible. Also if you have any good ideas on traffic sources that have done well for you could you please let me know.

    Check out my blog and give me your opinion. I wanted to get it up and running before the Draft.

  3. gretzkytolemieux says:

    Hey man, I started a blog focusing on international hockey and a tribute to gretzky and lemieux, check it out and give me an opinion. I’m going to cover the kings, as well, since there is a lack of kings coverage.

  4. Borg says:

    I think ESPN wants us to think hockey is a nothing sport, but if you look at the 9.5 million viewers who watched the NBA’s last finals game and the 7.5 million who watched the NHL’s game 7 finals game — then pause and think hard about it — the NBA is backed by all fifty states and is like a national sport, and they draw 9.5 mil. Now, I assume that the NHL is a sport that only matters in the northeast section of the USA, and so getting 7.5 mil is remarkable to me.

    Am I wrong with my theory? Is there a way we can find out the Ratings-By-State of the NBA & NHL finals?

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