A Puck the Media Announcement is Coming Tomorrow

There’s some business to take care of tomorrow.

I will be on the Brady and Lang show on Sportsnet 590 in Toronto at 6:45 a.m. ET. There’s some stuff to announce, change is coming, and tomorrow will be the end of an era. There’ll be a post around 10 a.m. ET explaining it, and then we’ll all move forward.

Thank you for your support of Puck the Media.


5 Responses to A Puck the Media Announcement is Coming Tomorrow

  1. Kevin Vahey says:


  2. Jason says:

    So the end to a copy n paste blog taking info we all know available via other sites n tweets? Besides a few interviews and endless rambling of suggestions I’ll miss the commenters. Bye everyone. Unless one of commenters wants to create a copy n paste ratings release along w other NHL tv info? Otherwise some good comments made by many of us. Arthur hope u become a little less grump. And what’s ur face who keeps saying Nbcsports will now dominate espn. To the NHL conf finals that has driven and introduced me to a show called storage wars. Great show. To the other 9 commenters….god speed. To mr Lepore good luck in whatever ya r doin next. I’ve got kings winning it all over the boring rangers. Bold prediction I know. laterzz

  3. kevin says:

    Why not watch the NBA playoffs…Miami just won by 35 points….now that’s real excitement!!

  4. kevin says:

    Well..you have to grow up sometime…you can’t play on your pc forever…unless you are a Facebook stooge

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