Local TV Roundup: Kings Go All-HD, Caps Announce Games

Another look at the announcements of TV schedules for each team in anticipation of the NHL season:

  • The Kings have joined a not-large-enough-yet group of teams that broadcast all their games in HD.  Er, at least all the ones that are on TV.  65 Kings games will air on FS West HD.  It’s assumed that three other games will air on FS Prime Ticket as Ducks telecasts, and an additional VERSUS game against the Blackhawks early in the season.  However, the fact that the NHL’s franchise in the 2nd largest American market will have 13 games unavailable to viewers is pretty unacceptable.  Still, good for the Kings fans who love the HD.
  • Meanwhile, the Washington Capitals will air 79 games on TV.  Strangely, none of the games off TV have anything to do with VERSUS’ game of the week exclusivity.  Come on NHL teams, stop being so lazy and find someone to air these leftover games.  The Blackhawks showed us all that having 82 games on TV doesn’t affect attendance… or something.
  • 80 Calgary Flames games will air on Sportsnet West, CBC, TSN and the team’s pay-per-view service, which will air 10 games.  I’ve always wanted to see a game in a movie theater, which is what many of the Canadian teams that do pay-per-view air the games on.  But 10 seems like a little bit much.

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Hey, it’s another week of Puck the Media.  Local TV Roundup today, perhaps more.

On with the day.  Chips Ahoy!

Live, NHL Hockey Returns to Television on September 14th

That’s when the NHL Network airs CBC’s coverage of the Kraft Hockeyville game beteen the Islanders and Canucks.  Trust me, if I can find a stream, I’ll be on it.

Here’s NHL Net US’ Pre-season Schedule so far.  I’ll try and find out if they’re airing coverage from the Traverse City Tourney again:

Sept. 14
Islanders vs. Canucks

Sept. 16
Bruins vs. Maple Leafs

More to be announced… 

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Short day.  Again.  We might do a review of Sports Take, maybe some loose notes, maybe some more on the VERSUS/DirecTV.

But we’ve got bigger fish to fry.

Today’s the day.  Better run run run run run.

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On to Tuesday.  We’re already tired of this week.  But some big changes are coming the next month.

Let’s go through the day.  Never getting enough. 

Local TV Roundup: Avs Fire Radio Analyst, Wild Spread Across

Each week for the rest of the off-season on Mondays, we’ll point you to each NHL team’s regional TV schedule as it comes out.

  • The Avalanche are first out of the gate, and with it comes news that they’ve significantly reduced the role of radio color analyst Norm Jones, who’s being scaled back due to budget cuts.  However, the Avs do have all 82 games on TV (one of our big rules about local TV coverage) and all of them will be in high definition on owner Stan Kroenke’s Altitude network.
  • For a team in such a great hockey market, it’s pretty flabbergasting as to why the Minnesota Wild don’t have all 82 games on TV.  77 will make it to air on FS North, independent station KSTC-45 and ABC affiliate 5 Eyewitness News (plus VERSUS).
  • The Blue Jackets will also hit the 77 game total, combining FS Ohio and VERSUS.  Let’s just hope their new reporters and studio hosts don’t be too negative Nancy on them.
  • The Leafs will have all 82 games aired across Sportsnet, CBC, TSN and Leafs TV (in order of games televised).  The Habs have all 82 on RDS in French.  Why don’t the Habs produce an english broadcast?

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We’re sort of here this week.  We’ll be doing a Local TV Roundup (Some team’s releasing their regional television slates this weekend).

We’re seeing Blink 182, Weezer and Taking Back Sunday this Wednesday.  So all this week is going to be songs from those bands.  Sorry, non-fans of punk-pop.

On with our week.  I’d never lie to you.

NHL Net Looks to Add Pregame Show, Get to 50 Million Homes

SNL interactive had an interview with NHL Net U.S. general manager Jody Shapiro and NHL COO John Collins about a mixed bag of things.  Tim Doyle’s entire interview is here.  A short selection:

 In terms of programming, we’re looking at doing a pregame show before each night, which would be a whip-around to each one of the arenas, the skate before the game, interviews and analysis that night so people can get a real feeling for what’s on tap that evening.

We also have plans for live shows during the day.

Do this, NHL Network, please do this.  It’s been rumored forever that the network is launching a new studio this coming season, put it to use!

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Friday.  Yay.

We’ll see where the day takes us.  Hoedown!

Battle of the Blades to Be Taped Live, Before a Maple Leaf Gardens Audience

Beginning Sunday, October 4, CBC Television’s BATTLE OF THE BLADES will open the doors to historic Maple Leaf Gardens for the first time to former world class female figure skaters and NHL players in a fierce pairs competition of athleticism, drama and intrigue.

Hosts Ron MacLean and Kurt Browning will welcome a live studio audience and viewers from across the country to the legendary ice surface for this seven-week ground breaking event.  Information on obtaining tickets will be available shortly.

In addition to the announced venue, former Conn Smythe trophy winner and agitator Claude Lemieux has signed on to compete in BATTE OF THE BLADES. Over the course of his 20-year career Lemieux played for Montreal, New Jersey, Colorado, Phoenix, Dallas and San Jose collecting 786 points and 1,777 penalty minutes. The Buckingham, Que. native replaces Sean Burke who was unable to participate due to professional obligations.

BATTLE OF THE BLADES is the brainchild of Kevin Albrecht with development by Sandra Bezic. BATTLE OF THE BLADES executive producers are John Brunton, Barbara Bowlby and Kevin Albrecht. It is produced by Insight Productions in association with CBC Television.