Devils/Rangers Game 2 Up From Game 1, Still Down Year-to-Year

The Devils evening their series with the New York Rangers will hopefully turn around the ratings fortunes of the Conference Finals. While Game 2 of the Western Final went down, Game 2 of the Eastern Final went up.

Game 2 between New Jersey and New York drew 1.34 million viewers, up slightly from Game 1’s 1.28 million, but still down 16% from Game 2 of last year’s Eastern Conference Final between Tampa Bay and Boston, which drew 1.56 million viewers.

The Eastern Conference Final has averaged 1.31 million viewers through two games, down 18% from the two-game average for the 2011 East Final (1.55 million) through two games.

2012 Eastern Conference Final on NBC Sports Network

Game 1 (5/14/12): 1.28 million
Game 2 (5/16/12): 1.34 million

Games Drawing Over One Million Viewers During the 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs on Cable

1. NY Rangers vs. Washington, Game 3 (5/2/12, NBCSN): 1.85 million
2. Washington vs. NY Rangers, Game 7 (5/12/12, NBCSN):
1.68 million
3. Philadelphia vs. New Jersey, Game 3 (5/3/12, NBCSN): 1.66 million
t4. Washington vs. NY Rangers, Game 5 (5/7/12, NBCSN):
1.65 million
t4. NY Rangers vs. Washington, Game 6 (5/9/12, NBCSN):
1.65 million
6. Philadelphia vs. New Jersey, Game 4 (5/6/12, NBCSN):
1.63 million
7. Washington vs. NY Rangers, Game 2 (4/30/12, NBCSN): 
1.53 million
8. New Jersey vs. NY Rangers, Game 2 (5/16/12, NBCSN): 1.34 million
9. Washington vs. Boston, Game 7 (4/25/12, NBCSN): 
1.32 million
10. New Jersey vs. Philadelphia, Game 5 (5/8/12, NBCSN): 1.31 million
11. New Jersey vs. Philadelphia, Game 2 (5/1/12, NBCSN): 
1.29 million
12. New Jersey vs. NY Rangers, Game 1 (5/14/12, NBCSN): 1.28 million
13. Los Angeles vs. Phoenix, Game 1 (5/13/12, NBCSN):
1.10 million
14. Philadelphia vs. Pittsburgh, Game 5 (4/20/12, NBCSN): 
1.07 million
15. Pittsburgh vs. Philadelphia, Game 4 (4/18/12, NBCSN): 1.03 million

(Source: TV By the Numbers)


16 Responses to Devils/Rangers Game 2 Up From Game 1, Still Down Year-to-Year

  1. Jason says:

    Is what it is

  2. kevin says:

    Boston is a hockey market…..NY isn’t…NJ…..what a joke

  3. mcmanaman says:

    Trolling as usual?

  4. mcmanaman says:

    The fact that NY/NJ are in the same market doesnt help on a national level. Locally, the series is doing great. Yankees-Mets subway series in 2000 didnt have great ratings.

  5. Jack says:

    Mcmanaman is correct, had this been NYR – Philly or NYR – Boston we would be seeing big numbers (easily over 2 million). However, I think this is big for NY as a hockey market, it’s doing very well locally and it will help going forward as long as the Rangers (and even the Devils to a lesser degree) remain a contender.

  6. bomber says:

    Having traditional hockey markets eliminated will hurt the ratings.Having been to New York for work purposes I can tell you it is a fringe sport.They might be doing well locally but those numbers are still paltry.I find the series between the Rangers/Devils dull but I’m still watching.

    • eddie says:

      Rangers are a boring team! I’ve not been impressed with the product. I’m kinda cheering for nj, just cause they push the pace and not bore you to sleep. Funny how the rangers are what the devils used to be.

  7. kevin says:

    Nobody wants to say the Rangers are boring but they are…although that isn’t really the issue. Hockey is not that popular in NYC region. It’s bizarre that they have three teams there. I mean it makes more sense to have a team in Nashville and Phoenix actually.

  8. Kevin says:

    The Rangers aren’t “boring”.. Every team left is “boring” based on what people consider “boring” hockey these days.. A majority of the teams in the league have changed back to defensive hockey. Right now, it’s winning hockey games and that’s all they care about. The Flyers and Penguins are both better than the Devils but their game is too open every team in the playoffs would have taken advantage of that and won. Either way, this “boring” hockey is still better than every other sport, but it’s not at the level that playoff hockey should be.

    Comparing this Rangers team to the “trapping” Devils team is ridiculous. Here’s the problem: The Rangers are a forechecking team. They send 2, sometimes 3 guys in on the forecheck and include their D in the offense. But when they play a team like the Capitals or Devils that like to sit back and wait for their mistakes, they struggle. They can’t get any offense going against defensive teams like this and it leads to them getting trapped. But the Rangers do not turn the puck over and do not make many mistakes, so it’s difficult for the other defensive teams that sit back to get any offense going. The Flyers are the exact opposite so the Devils picked them apart easily. More: The Capitals sat back in the neutral zone and barely did any forechecking in that series. They would try a rush, and if it didn’t work, they would fall back into the neutral zone and play D. That’s the same thing that the Devils “trapping” teams would do back in the day. The Rangers do not do this. For the most part, it’s actually easy to break the neutral zone against the Rangers because they usually have 1 or 2 guys back in the o-zone. The Rangers collapse around the net in the d-zone (Which is something almost every team in the league does) but they are one of the more successful teams at blocking shots. They get ripped apart because they are successful at something that almost every team does.

    If the Rangers play against a more open team, or a team that doesn’t sit back & play D, the games are way more exciting. Go back and watch some of their games this year against the Pens, Flyers or Bruins. Almost every single one of those games was great. Even the series against Ottawa was pretty damn good. But now they have to play 2 defensive teams in a row, and it’s not the same. The Kings are more open during the playoffs. If the Finals is Rangers/Kings, you’ll see what I’m talking about.

    I just don’t think it’s fair to label the Rangers as a “boring” team because they can’t find offense against defensive teams. Even if you think they’re boring (Which is your opinion) comparing them to the Devils “trapping” teams is ridiculous because their styles are completely different. Comparing the Capitals or Blues to those Devils teams makes sense, but not the Rangers.

    • eddie says:

      In the inner hockey they might not be, but on the outside looking I yess they’re! I understand it is about winning, but for the casual hockey fan, their not watching this is disheartning for the nhl. It is about the product. I can’t give a long answer cause I’m on my blackberry….lol

    • eddie says:

      Oh you mean also where they bench Gaborik in game 2. I know he didn’t sellout on the play. But tort’s just doesn’t let his boys play a little loosey goosey. Everybody plays like a fricken robot. I grew up here in edmonton during the 80’s. I know what I’m talking about them and other teams would go for the next goal and not play robotic systems. Go throw in a 89 flames/canucks beautiful. Hits, saves, skating, transitional defence and offence.

    • Chris says:

      Based on your review of the Rangers *not* turning pucks over and the Devils being a defensive team, you’re clearly watching a different playoffs series than the rest of the world.

      Based on the stats this year, the Rangers turn over the puck constantly, the Devils are an *offensive* team, and currently, the Devils are beating the Rangers…

      But I do agree that I would not call the Rangers “boring”.

  9. kevin says:

    Give it up..the Rangers are boring. If Richards isn’t playing well they aren’t doing anything except blocking shots. New Jersey is more entertaining so is LA….but that’s not the point of this blog. NYC isn’t a hockey town. Places like Minn, Mich, Wisc, Mass..even all of New England every high school has a hockey team. How many high schools in NYC or New Jersey have hockey teams? I would doubt there are many…maybe prep schools. Hockey isn’t part of the culture. That’s why hockey will always be what it is…I just don’t understand three teams in a 50 mile radius of NYC…..just plain stupid.

    • Mcmanaman says:

      There are a lot of hs hockey teams in the NYC area. You’re right, you don’t understand it.

    • Chris says:

      Born and raised in Northern NJ. Every HS in my and neighboring districts have hockey teams. Some even have separate boys/girls teams.

  10. bomber says:

    I think the Islanders should move to Quebec.The more teams in Canada the better.

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