Stanley Cup Final Schedule

Game 1 SAT @ CHI 8ET on NBC

Game 2 MON @ CHI 8ET on NBC

Game 3 6/2 @ PHI 7:30ET Versus

Game 4 6/4 @ PHI 7:30ET Versus

*Game 5 6/6 @ CHI 8ET on NBC

*Game 6 6/9 @ PHI 8ET on NBC

*Game 7 6/11 @ CHI 8ET on NBC

I paused my DVR to swipe this from Versus.


The warm fuzzies

The time of year is upon us to think of others. Regardless of political or religious beliefs and even team affiliations, let’s put our venom aside for the greater good. Times are tough and money is tight, but it is the small gestures that truly matter. Many hockey organizations have charities and fundraisers to benefit their community; from food drives to collections on behalf of Toys for Tots. Support your local hockey club and help out any way you can.

Thank you.

Shopping with WAC

Uhm I’m looking at the Winter Classic merch. And I stumbled upon this hot mess:

Apparently the NHL though they would attempt to be cool and hip and produce something that not even Lady Gaga would wear. I get the idea of the utilitarian purpose. But really? Are you kidding me? It’s a hat and a scarf. And all ridiculous. But what about Boston?

The classic touque! This is a touque right? It’s a pom pom hat! The best kind really. It keeps ears warm and has a wonderful unisex design. The hat is for the Winter Classic without being tacky or obnoxious. It has an understated charm. Plus it’s a classic. I love these hats for when I’m having a bad bang day.

Talented Tongues.

It struck me randomly the beauty of the English language. Specifically the vocabulary of hockey. I love words. I adore being tied up and in the sound of things. I live for witticisms and a snappy repertoire. I enjoy the flexibility of words of flirting and innuendo. But I find something comforting about the verbage of this wonderful sport; fisticuffs, haymakers, and donnybrooks. I haven’t even started on the terms which sound deliciously scandalous; going five hole, soft hands and pine riding.

Though I have to wonder, is there a word for the sound of the skates on ice?

Cautious Clicking.

In addition to the Erin Andrew vid being super creepy, the odds are it contains a virus. You’ve been warned.

Read the article here.

I brought this through customs. Not really.

Alright I am still recovering from my epic journey to Montreal for the draft. It might take a few days to get back on track. So I give you this clip of a guy I filmmed. I was with the gang from Pension Plan Puppets enjoying drinks on the patio of….some pub. And this dude came up to us and started ranting about the Habs. It’s truly wonderful. And the language isn’t safe for work, just a heads up;

Sadly I didn’t record him going on about “Martin Fleury” and declaring “Roberto who?”

did you want me to thank your wife?

Let’s face it, the NHL Awards are basically a trainwreck. But I don’t even think it was one of those fun and amusing trainwrecks. Like I didn’t get the same joy out of that wreck like I do when I watch Rock of Love: Refilling My Valtrex or Charm School: I’m Out on Parole. The awards were more painfully awkward than the British version of The Office. Instead of documenting the actual awards, I did a fashion critique. Really I like to play to my strengths.

The esteemed Chaka Khan (Chaka Khan) really is perfect for Vegas, justtttt not for the NHL Awards. There was a weird age gap thing going on. The awards felt like 1993, when Vegas was dying because it still thought it was the era of the Rat Pack. Robin Thicke is so smooth and lovely, but uhm more for the ladies I think. I was actually a bit shocked the NHL couldn’t scrounge up Nickleback. Or even Poison. Then to have the wonderful Michael Buble, or The Buble as he is refered to among my peeps, to not even sing was just a crime. He was a good present, better than Jeremy Roenick who I was expecting at some point to talk Twitter or the Facebooks and the power of fans.

I decided the NHL should just toss a bunch of us bloggers in a room and provide an open bar and then the awards can be done like The Soup. Instead of yelling It’s Miley! I’ll just be yelling It’s Avery! Perhaps Wysh will dress up like Mankini. And because he’ll be scraping the barrell for some cred, Gary Bettman will drop in and any joke Joel McHale has ever made about Ryan Seacrest will be applicable to the tiny hockey fuhr. Reality Show Clip Time would just be the best of fights of the seasons. Chicks Man would obviously be a montage of NHL WAGS. Oh and because of short attention spans, it’d be a half hour long just like The Soup. And production costs would be like 127 dollars. And there would be Spaghetti Cat.

Why am I not in charge of more things? Is it because I stay up super late and get up around brunchtime?