Announcers and Open Thread for Wild-Rangers

Minnesota vs. NY Rangers, 7PM, VERSUS
Play by Play:
John Forslund
Color: Eddie Olczyk
Reporter: Chris Simpson 

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Conan O’Brien? The Real Reason Behind NBC Finals Switch

As we’ve reported, and gotten in trouble for previously, NBC is switching up it’s Stanley Cup Finals broadcasts to televise Games 1, 2, 5, 6 and 7.  It was a real “WTF?” move from the Peacock network, based on reactions given by hockey fans.  Well, we seem to have found the reason.

As many of you may know, NBC has been planning Conan O’Brien’s ascension to host of “The Tonight Show” for years.  Conan will debut the on the show the week of June 1st, when NBC would initially be airing Games 3-7 of the Finals.  Obviously, NBC would prefer to premiere Conan for a more highly-rated audience.  It’s a fair point to make.