Tell all the young boys, young girls… that there’s a day off tomorrow…

So that ends another shortened week in the history of Puck the Media.  Why, you might ask?  Well, we are headed out on a musical excursion to New York City.  To see a band from South Jersey, of all things!  We’re going to check out The Gaslight Anthem live tomorrow.  We’re pretty stoked.

We may wrangle a guest for tomorrow.  If we do, we’ll plug it here before 7PM.  Wrap Around Curl is here on Saturdays as always.  And really, thank God, cause in case you haven’t noticed, we’re not nearly as good a her.  

The NCAA regionals are this weekend, here is the schedule we gave you on Monday again.

And just for fun, here’s Bob McKenzie referencing SCTV again.

Before we go, thanks to Ken Fang for this.

We need to get goin’, this is starting to look like a Pensblog column (our Team Wyshysnki t-shirts are in the mail).

Here’s The Gaslight Anthem on Letterman, in case you’d like to know what we’ll be seeing tomorrow.  Thanks again for reading.  We appreciate it.  But again, Pensblog-sounding, so we’ll stop now (By the way, Pensblog commenters calling Puck Daddy commenters immature is like Bill Maher saying Ann Coulter is over-zealous, insane and has tiny balls, but we’ll cut that out now).  Enjoy Gaslight and the weekend folks.


Gary, Did You Tell Us Something By Accident?


NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman

We want to clarify what we said in a previous post: We like Adrian Dater, quite a bit.  He’s a good writer with a sense of humor, who asks the right questions.  His interview with Gary Bettman borders on slobbering over the Commish, but does reveal this interesting fact:

Versus treats us very well. Versus is now available in 80 million homes. They’ve grown with us. Their coverage has improved dramatically from when they first took the air. ESPN was a good partner, but some of the things people complained about with SportsCenter and the like are no different than when they had our rights. We like where we are, and we think where we are in television now is really a non-issue. NBC and Versus take terrific care of us. We have two more years after this with both Versus and NBC. We’re very comfortable – more than very comfortable – with where we are in television nationally. I’ve always been a realist, and I think we’ll continue to grow. Our ratings are up 27 percent on Versus this year.

Well, we knew this was true about VERSUS, but NBC’s deal runs out this year.  Did the commissioner reveal a renewal pact by accident?  Or was it just a misstep?  We’ll try to find out.

UPDATE 2:51 PM: We traded E-mails with Mr. Dater a little while ago, and apparently something was lost in the translation with regard to NBC.  But still, we’ll keep an eye out on it.  Thanks again to Mr. Dater for his help.

Your Mid-Day YouTube Compulsory: Oh, Roboted World

Ick News: Television Revenues by Sport

Via The National Post

NASCAR: $4.48 Billion $560 Million
NFL: $3.7 Billion
MLB: $1.37 Billion
NBA: $930 Million
NHL: $225 Million