Meet the Announcers Forced to Care About Avs/Isles, Plus Open Thread

Every time the NHL has a nationally televised game, we give you a chance to snark away at the jokesters calling it with this open post/thread.  Feel free to post opinions on the game, humorous anecdotes, and anything just plain stupid the announcers might happen to say.  Enjoy.

Colorado vs. NY Islanders, 7:00PM
Play by Play: John Forslund
Color: Andy Brickley
Reporter: Billy Jaffe 



Your Mid-Day YouTube Compulsory: Grapes Throws Darts at Wall, Lands on Datsyuk, Ovechkin

Don Cherry’s “Coach’s Corner” from Saturday night.

Cherry’s Post-Game rant, part 1.

Rant Part Two.

Sportsnet to Stream Trade Deadline Show in US

The press release doesn’t state as much, but Paul Kukla passed along the info that Sportsnet is streaming it’s trade deadline edition of HockeyCentral (Not THAT Hockey Central) in the United States for the first time.  The show starts at 8am, here’s the deali, yo.

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Colorado-Islanders: Okay, Seriously, This HAS to be the Worst Game in VERSUS History

Listen, our goofs on VERSUS tend to be frivolous and a little petty.  But this is one of those cases in which, even we’re 100% sure we’re right, and we’re never totally sure of ourselves.  Could VERSUS or the NHL please have done something about this disaster of a game they’ve got airing tonight from the Nassau Mausoleum between the Islanders and the Avalanche?

We know that the NHL and VERSUS work together in the scheduling process to find solid games for the network to air.  But, who at VERSUS at the start of the season thought the Isles and Avs would be some clash-of-the-titans East-West showdown?  What genius at the NHL felt scheduling only the Isles and Avalanche tonight would somehow make it more special?  Will the announcers talk about anything other than who will be left on either team after the trade deadline?

We plan on doing the announcers/open thread tonight, we hope you’ll join us for what should be a much more savage commenting than usual.