Your NCAA Hockey Tournament Schedule and Commentators on ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN Classic and ESPNU

Note: Games may also be presented on your local regional sports network during the regional tournaments.

So on Sunday, John Buccigross, Barry Melrose and Sean Ritchlin will announce the brackets for the NCAA hockey tournament on ESPN2, which will start a week from today and culminate in April at the Verizon Center in Washington.  A few familiar faces with regard to ESPN hockey coverage throughout the tournaments.  Also of note is that some of the regional games are being moved up to ESPN2 and ESPN Classic, instead of just being stuck on ESPNU.  Another first, the Bridgeport (East) and Minneapolis (West) regionals will be broadcast in HD. Gary Thorne nerds, we don’t understand you, but this is for you.

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switching style up.

After my whining and complaining about brackets, Lori sent me a bracket I can actually get behind;

I got your march madness right here, buddy....

I got your march madness right here, buddy....

SportSquee is doing a different kind of Madness that I can approve of. Click here and fill out your bracket and then hop, skip and jump on over to SportSquee and vote away. Dudes can easily participate. Especially if their criteria is “who is a bigger badass? Daniel Craig or Christian Bale?” Also note that DENNIS QUAID needs to be changed to CLIVE OWEN. This is crucial.

Who are my Final Four?

Depp vs Rudd

Craig vs Beckham