We’ll Use This Footage in The Murder Trial of Jack Edwards Someday

You’re going to see this a couple times today.  This is Jack Edwards’ call during the Bruins-Flyers game on NESN Sunday.  It is simply the craziest thing we have ever heard in our lives.  It’s pretty unprofessional, whether or not it’s him being a homer.  But it’s still one of the most awesome soundbites of the 2008-09 NHL season.  Oh, Jack Edwards, we only have 7 games and two playoff rounds left of you.  The Summer’s going to be extra long.

Just to remind any with a fuzzy memory, Jack is laughing maniacally because there was no penalty called on the Randy Jones hit that caused Patrice Bergeron to sit out with a concussion a while back.  But really, did knowing the history behind it affect you at all?