Announcers/Open Thread for Flyers/Sabres

Buffalo vs. Philadelphia, 7PM
Play by Play:
Joe Beninati
Color: Eddie Olczyk
Reporter: Chris Simpson 

What Did Hockey Ever Do to Jim Lampley?


HBO/NBC Broadcaster Jim Lampley

HBO/NBC Broadcaster Jim Lampley

We reported, as did numerous others last week, that Al Michaels is replacing Jim Lampley as the daytime host of NBC’s Olympic coverage.  Dick Ebersol said at the time that he “could not imagine” having Mr. Lampley working in some role in Vancouver.  Well, Bob Raissman thinks differently:

Start imagining. Spies say Lampley was offered the hockey-host gig and turned it down.

Ouch, Lampley.  Well, that leaves only a couple names left for the “hockey-host” gig.  It’ll take a great man, who can watch hockey with Mike Milbury all day.  We’ll do it!  If you ask us!  Sorry.  Anyway, it’s pretty clear that it’s either gonna’ be Bill Patrick or Bill Clement.  Both are on NBC’s Olympic payroll, and both have hosted Olympic coverage in the past.  Unless the Peacock finds another high-profile name to host, it’ll likely be one of those two.


Your Mid-Day YouTube Compulsory: Reason #1 to Have Another World Cup

Paul Kelly is Still Not Happy with NHL TV Coverage, Which Means Eklund Hasn’t Told Him About the New ESPN Deal

NHLPA Grand Poobah Paul Kelly

NHLPA Grand Poobah Paul Kelly

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Read between the lines of the title, we’re not gonna’ dignify that “report” with any further comment today.)

Helene Elliot of the LA Times has this report from the NHL General Managers meetings in Florida:

Kelly told, the union’s website, that he and Healy also brought up “TV issues, specifically our players’ concerns about a lack of revenue and exposure on television in the United States.”

Translation: Versus hasn’t been a raging success and still isn’t available in enough places like hotels and sports bars. Can we please go back to ESPN?

Apparently Jamie Davis’ memo didn’t get to him yet.  We think you’ll all agree that there needs to be a really, really awkward meeting between Kelly, Davis and Gary Bettman to try (and fail) to smooth things out between everyone and attempt to do what’s best for the NHL and it’s fans as far as the TV situation goes.  But, as you all know, that makes sense, so we won’t be seein’ any of that.

We’re still jonesin’ for a World Cup, though.  Reminder to check out NHL Net’s coverage of the GM meetings at 7PM tonight.

From the Department of “Oh, c’mon, you gotta be kidding me!”: NBC Takes Pens-Flyers March 22nd

Sigh.  From

One of the best rivalries in the NHL will be played on a national stage on March 22.

NBC has announced that it will televise the “Battle of Pennsylvania” showdown on March 22, when the Philadelphia Flyers host the Pittsburgh Penguins at 12:30 p.m. The Pens are red hot as of late, as they’ve won their last six games to climb right into the thick of the Eastern Conference playoff race.

Oh yeah, so exciting.  The Penguins and Flyers… again.  Should be a real rager.  We can’t even compose the sarcasm for this…

The autopilot NBC Schedule for the rest of the season is after the jump.

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