Jeremy Roenick Continues Acting Career, Looks Good in Security Guard Outfit

The picture above you is, of course, of Jeremy Roenick.  No, he isn’t Kevin James’ stunt double in “Paul Blart: Mall Cop”, but he is continuing his acting career. 

“Hi, I’m Jeremy Roenick.  You may remember me from such TV shows as “The Agency” and “The Ghost Whisperer”.  

It’s a shame we can’t find any videos from those magnificent performances.  Anyway, he will be guest starring on the new TNT series “Leverage” this Monday, which according to the MLB playoffs, stars Oscar-winner Timothy Hutton.  The description of the episode is as follows, via

The Leverage team attempts to expose a conglomerate’s cover-up of their toxic fertilizer, which has resulted in the death of a young girl. But the CEO has put all of the damning evidence on a plane to the Cayman Islands. The team races to catch the flight but, once airborne, they discover that the CEO’s intentions are far more sinister and that to avenge one life they’ll have to save their own.

Hmm, wonder what JR will be doing?  We’ll make sure to check it out this week, and hopefully get a YouTube clip of him in his second career.  Just don’t forget, Jeremy, televised hockey needs you.


NHL Network’s Official All-Star Coverage Outlined

Here’s the official PR from NHL Network on their All-Star weekend coverage.  Enjoy:

NEW YORK, NY – Beginning Thursday, Jan. 22, through Sunday, Jan. 25, NHL Network™ will be on location at the 2009 NHL® All-Star Celebration in Montreal to provide viewers with 15 hours of live HD* coverage from the star-studded event.  NHL Network’s Brian Duff and Gary Green and contributors Dave Strader and Joe Micheletti will bring viewers inside the festivities with interviews featuring NHL players and coaches, live broadcasts from the All-Star practices and expert analysis.

On Thursday, Jan. 22, NHL Network will begin broadcasting live from inside the Lay’s NHL All-Star Jamboree™ – the official NHL All-Star fan festival filled with hockey-themed attractions for fans of all ages.   Features include the simulcast of NHL Live with host Don La Greca and coaches from around the NHL discussing current topics in a show titled NHL Network Presents Live From All-Star – Coaches Roundtable.

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Remember, You Can Still Vote in Puck the Media’s NHL Tournament of Announcers Championship till 5:30 Tomorrow







So do it!

With the Perfect Storm of ToA Finals and ASA Top 50, Your Hockey-only List of Top 50 All-Time Hockey Broadcasters

Tonight’s the Championship Match of Puck the Media’s NHL Tournament of Announcers.  We were looking for a way to hype it some more, and then, the American Sportscaster Association released it’s Top 50 Sportscasters of all-time.

Unless you count Marv Albert or Al Michales, there’s only ONE true hockey voice in there, the legendary Foster Hewitt, and he’s at #40.  Shameful.  Here’s the entire list (via Tom Hoffarth of Inside SoCal) and we’ll give you some notable people that were considered more worthy of Danny Gallivan or Dan Kelly or Mike Emrick or Jim Hughsson, or in a couple of cases, higher than Mr. Hewitt himself!:

31. Joe Buck
35. Chris Berman
36. Phil Rizzuto
39. Bill Walton
44. Brent Musberger
47. Dick Vitale
48. Dick Stockton 

Phil Rizzuto!  Better than the man who invented “He shoots, he scores!”?  Chris Berman and Dick Vitale, better than Dan Kelly’s immortal call of Bobby Orr’s flying goal?  Even just Dick Stockton ahead of Doc Emrick or one of today’s great hockey voices.  It’s ridiculous and a bit shady, considering #1 Vin Scully did not even know the poll was being held.

So, with all due respect to the voices of other sports, we present our NHL poll of the Top 50 hockey broadcasters of all-time.

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Please NHL, Don’t Copy the NBA (and Everyone Else) and Play in New Cowboys Stadium


New Cowboys Stadium Opens Next Fall

New Cowboys Stadium Opens Next Fall

We all know that NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman is David Stern’s son.  We have DNA testing and the geographic division names to prove it.  You see, I’ve been noticing that Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys owner, has been attempting to bring anything and everything to his teams’ new stadium, including the Cotton Bowl beginning in 2010, top-level regular-season college football for the next five years, college lacrosse and much more.

But the one event that really caught our eye was the announcement that the NBA is going to play it’s 2010 All-Star Game in front of 100,000 there.  Via


Citing sources,’s Marc Stein reported Tuesday that the Mavericks with the NFL’s Cowboys would host the 2010 All-Star Game.

And if all goes according to plan, this event will set the record for the largest crowd ever to watch an NBA game, shattering the mark of 44,735 set at the 1989 All-Star Game, not-so-coincidentally held at another Texas-sized venue, the Houston Astrodome.

“It’s totally outrageous,” NBA commissioner David Stern said.

Just wait until he hears Mavs owner Mark Cuban’s idea about putting the record out of reach.

“If we can get people to sit on each other’s laps, it could be 200,000,” Cuban said, laughing.


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The NHL TV Set, Part 3: Let’s Do the Fox Warp Again


The NHL On FOX originally aired from 1995-99

The NHL On FOX originally aired from 1995-99

Editor’s Note: This is Part Three of Puck the Media’s four-part series “The NHL TV Set”

 As I said earlier in this series, I always felt FOX did the best job with hockey out of any of the three networks (FOX, ABC, NBC) that have taken on the burden of showing low-rated hockey games the past 14 years.  They promoted the sport, took some risks to attempt to drive up the ratings, and flat out showed some games that came close to bringing the NHL to consistent network coverage.

Now, there’s a lot that would need to be done to get the NHL back on FOX.  It’s long been a poorly-kept secret that FOX has no interest in negotiating with Gary Bettman after what happened in ’98 between the two parties and ABC.  So, FOX would not only mean the good news of a rejuvinated TV deal, but it’d mean that Gary’s gone for good.  Let’s get this deal done.

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