The Winners of the First and Only Puck the Media NHL Tournament of Announcers are Bob Miller and Mike Emrick

Folks, we’ve been having a bit of an inner monologue about what to do with this tournament.  Frankly, we’re displeased with ourselves and with the readership in how it ended.

I take some blame for the voting ridiculousness that has gone on, but I only linked to HF Boards team forums to attempt to stir up interest (and because I’m a regular visitor there).  Any other sites that got up the voting hundreds of times, I did not link to and will not name, just so they don’t get a plug out of it.

So, with this announcement we give you a solemn promise:  We will never, ever do this again.  Because of that, and because of how this voting swung so wildly, we have no qualms with naming Hockey Hall of Famers Bob Miller and Mike Emrick the Co-Champions of Puck the Media’s NHL Tournament of Announcers for 2008 and forever.

Thanks for reading, and we’re sorry again that this turned into an even bigger joke than intended.  We may do a live blog for Rangers-Penguins on Sunday if any of you’d like to get up that early, but that’s it.  Otherwise, we’ll see you Monday.  Have a good weekend, and again, thank you for supporting us.


Emergency Programming Note

We’re post-pone-ing the announcement of the Tournament winner until later tonight.  Apologies for the inconvenience.

Your Official TV Listings for The AHL All-Star Classic

We reported on the initial TV stations that would be carrying The AHL All-Star Game a while ago.  There are only a few changes from our initial announcement.  First, and most surprising, is that MASN will be airing the game in the DC/Maryland/Virginia area, instead of the Caps TV rightsholders Comcast Sportsnet Mid-Atlantic.  The complete list, and when they’ll be airing the All-Star Game and Skills Challenge, courtesy, is after the jump.

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Hey, Guess What? ESPN isn’t crazy About EJ Hradek Being on NHL Live!


EJ Hradek

EJ Hradek

A lot of you have been wondering over the past couple of months as to why EJ Hradek has been missing from NHL Live! on Sirius/XM.  Well, Ken Schott of the Schenectady Gazette has the answer for you, via his excellent blog, Parting Schotts:

E.J. Hradek is back on “NHL Live,” if only on a temporary basis.

Hradek, who was co-host of the two-hour talkshow that is on NHL Network and Sirius/XM Satellite Radio with Don La Greca, hasn’t been on the show for a couple of months. At the top of the show, Hradek explained that his full-time employer, ESPN, has problems with him being on the show. Hradek is a senior writer for ESPN The Magazine and a contributor to ESPNEWS.

Hradek said a compromise was reached where he can be a “guest” on “NHL Live.” He is hoping to work out a deal with ESPN where he can be on “NHL Live” more.

There you go.  We think this is kinda ridiculous.  Hosting NHL Live! never affected Hradek’s writing, as he still was one of the most prolific contributers to, at least until Pierre LeBrun got there.  We hope they find a way for him to be on the show more, because he and LaGreca have sort of a “Mike and the Mad Dog” vibe going on, without the know it all-i-ness.

Puck the Media Interview: TSN’s Gord Miller on World Juniors, Message Boards, and Working with Pierre McGuire

TSNs Gord Miller

TSN's Gord Miller

It seems like Gemini-Award winner Gord Miller of TSN has been around forever.  He’s been with TSN since the early 90’s, covering every hockey tournament known to man.  He may be known as one of the main voices of the NHL with TSN, but where Miller (and partner Pierre McGuire) made their names as sportscasting icons in Canada is for their immortal calls of the World Junior Championships.  We talked to Miller about a myriad of topics, including blogs, HFBoards, and some of his favorite broadcasting moments.  We hope you find it interesting and entertaining.  Thanks again to Gord and Chiobi Lang from TSN PR for letting us conduct this interview

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NBC Promotes Hockey By Reminding You Can Just as Well Watch Football

NBC is fairly astute to put their “Game of the Week” on at 12:30 PM, at least for this week, when the NFL will hold their Conference Championship games.  But, to mention “Terrible Towels” in your headline for the press release hyping the Pens-Rangers game?  Are we really out of things to say about this matchup, or are we just trying to cover up how this game looked a lot better on paper in July when the schedule came out.

Good news is that will continue to have a presence in the telecasts.  They will have a “Star Cam” and a “Net Cam” broadcast online, and will also air a post-game show with Pierre McGuire and Mike Milbury.  The entire press release is after the jump.

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The NHL TV Set, Part 4: Become Part of GE/Universal Conglomerate, Show Clips of “Walker, Texas Ranger” During Games



General Electric Owns, like, Everything

General Electric Owns, like, Everything

This is part four of our four-part series “The NHL TV Set”, in which we explore alternate scenarios for the NHL on national TV.

We hope there are some Conan O’Brien fans who get that one.  Anyway, this entire week has been about us presenting alternate routes for the NHL to go on national TV, as The NHL On NBC “Game of the Week” returns this Sunday at 12:30 PM with Penguins-Rangers.  If you’re a hockey fan, you need to be watching.  If you don’t want to, leave the TV on the game and go into another room, so we can trick people into thinking tons of people watch hockey.

We’ve gotten a little off track.  Oh, yeah, anyway, the point is maybe we shouldn’t be thinking about where else we can go.  Maybe we should ask ourselves this: How can we improve our relationship with NBC?

I have a thought.  Why not ask Universal to pay a rights fee equal to what VERSUS pays, and air NHL hockey across three NBC Universal networks.  It’d be The NHL On NBC, USA and CNBC.

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Programming Notice

Today will be a light day, with likely very little being posted after 10:30 AM, but we will reveal the ToA voting results (and make a bit of a pointed statement to some commenters) at 6:30 PM.  But we do have a special treat for you around 2:00 PM.