Your Game of the Week: Detroit VERSUS Dallas



The Wings and Stars Met in the Western Conference Finals Last Year

The Wings and Stars Met in the Western Conference Finals Last Year

Tonight’s VERSUS game will no doubt be interesting.  The Stars have been playing very well since Sean Avery got sloppy.  The Red Wings have been playing well since I was about four years old.  Joe Beninati, Daryl Reaugh and Chris Simpson have the call, live from Dallas and in Hi-Def.  Enjoy the game, everyone.


Puck the Media’s NHL Tournament of Announcers Final Three

Here we are, two more matchups to go.  To figure out how we’re going to do all of this, check out this post from last night.

Here are your battle royale-ers for Puck the Media’s NHL Tournament of Announcers:

Howie Rose 










vs. Mike Emrick









vs. Bob Miller






Should be lots of fun.  It all starts Tuesday night at 5:30 PM.  Join us!

Alright, So You Probably Want to Know What We Think of the Shanahan Signing

We don’t talk much about on-ice issues here at Puck the Media, but as Devils fans, we certainly felt the need to get our thoughts on the Devils signing of soon-to-be 40-year old winger Brendan Shanahan.  Shanny began his long, long, long, long, long career as a Devil, and while were certain he settled on us after finally realizing the Rangers weren’t sending an offer his way, we won’t hold that against him.  His age?  Sure.  His potential to be useful?  Absoluely, but not the Rag$ thing.

Anyway, before we lay down the law, here’s what the Devils-sphere had to say about the 650-goal scorer returning to where he started.

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Ducks Put the Kibosh on Rinkside View

This was the debut broadcast of FSN West/Prime Ticket’s “Rinkiside View” broadcasts back in January 2007.  The goal was to bring viewers closer to the game by only showing – with no commentary except a roving reporter during breaks – camera placed on top of the glass.  So you would only see the rocker cam behind both nets and the camera on top of the penalty box at Center Ice.

Initially, there was a warm reception to them, but lately, fan reactions have soured.  So, the Ducks have asked that their television partners discontinue them, with four broadcasts remaining in the season getting cancelled.  Via Chris Zupke of the OC Register’s Ducks Blog:

“It’s not something that’s overwhelmingly positive,” said Aaron Teats, Ducks director of broadcasting.

Teats spoke with Fox Sports West and Prime Ticket executive producer Tom Feuer last Sunday and expressed the view that the Rinkside broadcasts were not worth continuing. The network will focus on more between-period content and other areas to draw in viewers.

Viewers complained about not being able to watch play develop and of the numerous jump cuts made from camera to camera. FSN tweaked the broadcasts in November to use fewer jump cuts and more of the traditional overhead camera view.

Said Teats, “In reality, it wasn’t receptive to viewers.”

It’s a disappointing decision to just cut off the telecasts with four remaining.  But, if there was enough negative reaction to them by fans, I guess the Ducks have no choice but to service their fanbase.  We can only hope that other teams will not be discouraged by this and keep giving experiments like this a shot in the future.

Kukla’s Korner is Still Easily the Best Conglomerate Blog

Last week, we took a pretty negative stance on the quality of NHL Fanhouse lately.  We stand by it, as we stand by everything we do here at Puck the Media.  We know for a fact that there are many people who agree with our opinion.  We’re sure, conversely, that there are many people who disagree.  But, what I do believe is that, while we were accentuating the negatives, we should have been highlighting another blog, that has sort of taken Fanhouse’s spot as the go-to place for a myriad of hockey opinions and news: I speak of course of that ol’ reliable Kukla’s Korner.

Now, as you know, we used to write at KK.  So is it a conflict of interest?  Absolutely not, because we were banned from posting at KK and pretty steamed about it for a little while.  But were long over it, and are consistently impressed by the Kukla Kompound’s constant stream of great breaking news an opinions.  Whereas KK has twice as many writers as Fanhouse, they tend to be much more original than AOL in their writing.  Kukla sets the tone with the news, and since you already know all of that, they’re able to give you more.

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Cherry’s Defense of Fighting: Hey, Guess What, Some People Disagree! (Updated with video)

Don Cherry’s been fairly milquetoast by his standards most of this season, but the death of amateur hockey player Don Sanderson brought out some interesting comments from Grapes on Saturday’s “Coach’s Corner”, his usual first intermission segment during CBC’s “Hockey Night in Canada”.  I searched night and day for a YouTube, but William Houston of The Globe and Mail will give you a basic gist of what he said: 


Last week, Cherry attended the funeral of Sanderson, the 21-year-old senior player in Ontario with the Whitby Dunlops who died of a head injury after his head struck the ice in a fight.

Cherry said he talked to Sanderson’s father, Mike, who told him that he had encouraged the player with whom Sanderson had fought to continue playing. And Cherry said the father also gave the player advice: “If somebody is looking for trouble, don’t hesitate.”

Cherry described Sanderson’s father as a hockey guy, because he coaches. The media, on the other hand, “just don’t understand.”


You had to figure this statement was going to annoy someone.  Ladies and gentlemen, enter New York Post columnist Larry Brooks.  Read his comments on what Cherry said after the jump.

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With The NHL On NBC Returning, We Imagine Four Alternate Scenarios For the NHL On National TV

We’re at peace with where the National Hockey League is going on TV.  We’re fairly certain that by the year 2011, the Stanley Cup Finals will no longer air on network television.  We all know that the NHL has made it’s bed after spurning FOX back in 1998 when they offered to air the entire Stanley Cup Finals.

But, at the same time, we wonder: why does it have to be this way?  Can the NHL follow another path to network TV exposure?  Is there a legitimate way to avoid cable-only for another few years, while making it financially viable for the league (and the network, we suppose, but were thinking more toward hockey’s health here)?  And just for poops and giggles, can we make up extravagant TV deals that will plays the NHL on the level of football and baseball?

The answer to all of those questions is a resounding yes.  That’s why, this week, we’ll be running a four-part series: The NHL TV Set, in which we reimagine goofy, experimental, but ultimately doable situations in which we believe the NHL can – and will – thrive on broadcast.  It’ll all count down to The NHL On NBC’s return this Sunday.

Join us, starting at 9AM tomorrow, for the fun.  Until then, you’ll get all the usual goof-ballery from us.