Why Adrian Dater is Right… and Wrong

Hey kids!  Adrian Dater’s gone and done it again, and the incredible Tapeleg has captured everything for you.  Here’s the screencap of what Mr. Dater said on a post about watching an NBA game this weekend:

And you will find an agreement from us on almost every point there, before the post was taken down by Denver Post editors (who apparently were cool with it in the first place).  Basketball is more boring than Panthers-Wild in the middle of November, even during the post-season.  Female color analysts take you out of the traditional dynamic of the game.  We spoke to one of our favorite writers, Greg Wyshynski, who called it akin to “a woman playing James Bond”.  Well, Roger Moore did it well enough…

Anyway, what Adrian said was correct.  We’ll stand by him here, but we have to wonder if he’d be so angry if, say, Cammi Granato were calling a game.  Considering she’s better than about 95% of the team he currently covers, wouldn’t anything she says then have to hold a little bit of gravitas?  What’s your take on what Adrian said, and female analysts in sports in general?

5 Responses to Why Adrian Dater is Right… and Wrong

  1. James says:

    Cammi was awesome when she was covering the 2006 Olympics, and her very brief stint on NBC. You could tell the players had complete respect for her when she was asking them ice level questions.

    I think Dater was wrong to lump all women into his statement. Case by case is the best way to handle complaints like this, rather than blanket statements. We do it with the male announcers, we should do it with the female announcers.

    And I would love to hear what a few of the female announcers have to say about this. Or other women in sports journalism. I wonder what Suzy Kolber would think about this, since she never played in the NFL.

    Oh, the screen shot is cropped off, hiding some of the statement.

  2. Scotty says:

    I don’t know that the announcing was awful. Personally I like Doris Burke and the job she does at color commentary. I think maybe adding a second color person with her would help but I see this guys point. I think there should be more women doing color in women’s sports but a handful at men’s. Also he was dead on accurate in the description of that game. There were so many fouls it took 3 hours to play…but the ending was good.

  3. Tim says:

    Hey Steve-o, does this dislike of female hockey commentators extend to Devils radio color lady Sherry Ross?

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