Your TV Guide and Open Thread For Night 20 of the 2009 Stanley Cup Playoffs

This will appear every night to inform you of the TV networks and announcers that will be covering the games during the playoffs.  Enjoy all the local and national info after the jump.  

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Universal Sports Plans U.S.-Finland Coverage

LOS ANGELES – May 5, 2009 – Team USA faces perennial rival Finland, the team that has eliminated the U.S. from the last two World Championships, in a quarterfinal match as Universal Sports presents coverage of the 2009 IIHF Men’s World Hockey Championships from Berne, Switzerland, including live coverage of the gold medal game. Live online coverage begins tomorrow at 10:15 a.m. ET, with live TV coverage starting with the Finland vs. USA quarterfinal match tomorrow at 2:30 ET. 

The Universal Sports broadcast team consists of the Los Angeles Kings’ play-by-play announcer Nick Nickson joined by former Kings forward Daryl Evans. 

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Is Darren Pang Getting Groomed For When Pierre Gets a GM Job?

We all know Pierre McGuire will eventually get a job working for a team as their GM or coach.  He’s simply too connected, and knows too much about what he’s talking about when he’s not between benches.

So it makes me wonder if Darren Pang is getting viewers familiar with him for next season, when he would potentially take over for McGuire in that #1 role.  While McGuire typically has scheduling conflicts every year due to TSN work, last year it was Mike Milbury who replaced him between the bench, while a talking head like Bill Patrick or Bob Neumeier (Who went to the hospital this weekend and we’re wishing a speedy get-better to) to stand in at the studio desk.

It’s just something for you all to ponder.  Who do you prefer between the benches?

Dear Washington Capitals and Pittsburgh Penguins…

How dare you play a game so very entertaining.  Don’t you realize that when you play a balanced, aggressive, exciting game of hockey, we have to delay promos for IndyCar, and let the play-by-play man talk?  I mean, who wants to hear a play-by-play man talk about the game?  That Emrick fella we got?  His Emmys and Hall of Fame Awards were all for just letting the analyst jabber on about how cool it is that wooden sticks don’t break.  Plus, you know we hate how concise and to the point that Brickley guy is.  We want him to go on for hours and hours about buzzphrases like “Stick-on-stick” and “Man-on-man” like the goofy Chicago dude does.

This better not continue in Games 3 and 4, especially you Washington.  You know we need this series to go seven for anyone to really care about it.  We saw those NBC ratings on Saturday, a 1.4/4 is not a mainstream cross-over hockey series.

In summation, you boys better slow it down and keep it in the neutral zone for a good 80% of Game 3.  The good people at the “Las Vegas” tourism company appreciate it, as do we.

All our love,

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Don LaGreca Has Left NHL Live


ESPN Radio Personality Don LaGreca

ESPN Radio Personality Don LaGreca

Our pal Ken Schott of the Schenectady Gazette has the scoop:

“NHL Live” has lost its host.

Don La Greca, who has hosted the two-hour hockey talkshow from noon-2 p.m. on Sirius XM Radio and the NHL Network, is off because of what he calls “a scheduling conflict.”

La Greca’s primary job is working on “The Michael Kay Show” on 1050 ESPN Radio in New York. The show’s start time was recently moved to 2 p.m.

La Greca was last on “NHL Live” Monday, but left just over an hour into the show.

What a shame.  LaGreca was a straight-shooter who knows and loves the sport.  It’s a shame that he’s not able to do the show anymore.  We think you’ll all agree that he was the level-headed presence that made the show go so well.