Kevin Weekes, Amazing Human Being, Not Surprisingly a Great Analyst

This marks the first time since the Game 7 disaster that we’ve had to say those awful words: “You know, I may be a Devils fan, but…”.  It’s good to live again.

We think Kevin Weekes is amazing, if we may just get down to brass tax.  Very friendly, articulate and a good goalie when given a chance, which he obviously isn’t playing in Jersey.  But we’ve noticed him the past couple of nights doing analyst work on NHL: On the Fly, the terrific highlight show that usually gets bogged down by dull personalities, like an anti-NHL Live before Don and EJ left.

But when given a chance to shine on the network’s flagship program, Weeksie has proven himself to be just as articulate and analytical on TV.  He gives good insight while being from a position where he can’t reveal too much as a current player.  Hopefully he and Jeremy Roenick and Jim Dowd (as we’ve said before, find it yourself!) will be part of a new wave of NHL analysts kicking out the sort of old wave that’s starting to get, well… old.  Or at least take the Devils job after Chico is rendered mute from a piercing funnel cake.

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