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That’s why I’ve been asked to eulogize the Hurricanes on Puck Daddy.  Check it out, won’t you?

Stanley Cup Final Broadcaster Conference Call Semi-Liveblog

So here goes with this, they’re setting up for a call with Mike Emrick, Eddie Olczyk, Pierre McGuire and Mike Milbury to talk some hockey.  Also on the call are NBC’s hockey guru Sam Flood and VERSUS VP Marc Fein.  We’ll keep editing should anything interesting happen.

1:05 PM – The friendly Brian Walker is on the line!  He introduces everyone and lists the schedule for the Finals (still no time for Game 2).

1:07 PM – Sam Flood trumpets NBC’s successes this season (The Winter Classic, inside the glass as the industry standard).  Points out that he wants a 7-game series.  That’s what they’re rooting for, over any teams.  Announces Darren Pang will be with Milbury and Pierre in the studio.  Says everyone on the NBC crew is a hockey fan first and a TV person second.

1:09 PM – Marc Fein has quite a bit to trump as far as ratings, it’s been a terrific year for VERSUS.  Surprised he isn’t rooting for a 4-game series, but he wants a 7-gamer too.  Notes the studio show will be live from Mellon Arena, doesn’t appear to be Messier involvement.

1:11 PM – Doc Emrick tells that old story about John Madden not not feeling pain till the middle of July after the ’03 Cup, and a similar story about Sean O’Donnell after the ’07 Cup.  Gives a funny quote from Pierre Larouche.

1:12 PM – Eddie O, don’t ya know?  We have our first Marian Hossa storyline sighting, as Eddie cites it as the main story he’s following.

1:13 PM – Mike Milbury calls the Wings “the most intelligent team I’ve ever seen”.  He would know…

1:14 PM – Pierre McGuire notes that tempo will be a key factor, and that the Penguins won’t be intimidated by the theater of it.  Says this’ll be Osgood’s “I told you so” year.

1:16 PM – The amazing Neil Best asks about the effect of back-to-back games.  Pierre says players would prefer back-to-backs, Eddie O. thinks the more important factor is 3-in-4 nights.  Milbury thinks this favors the Pens.

1:18 PM – Flood talks about the inside the glass position.  Apparently Pierre used to coach Summer hockey with Flood’s dad.  Pierre discusses Petr Sykora’s guaranteed goal.  Pierre says there’s no editorializing, but there are some things you can’t say.  Players love having them there, because it signifies a big game.  Also notes that Doc and Edzo have allowed it to flourish, by changing the way things are done.

1:21 PM – Flood says that moving up the series is great because of momentum, and thinks VERSUS should get their best ratings ever.  Marc Fein optimistically agrees.  

1:22 PM – Pierre says Ray Shero wrestled with the coaching change idea for a long time.  Says he wrestled to it late in to the night, and calls him a man of honor, integrity and loyalty.  Says Bylsma brought an intelligent approach to the game.  Thinks the players are having more fun.

1:24 PM – Milbury agrees on the fun factor.  Says they were able to find more balance between offense and defense.

1:26 PM – Wyshynski asks about the Hockey Central lasting only 20 minutes last night.  He doesn’t really answer, but mentions the idea of bonus Hockey Centrals.

1:28 PM – Sam Flood defends VERSUS, saying “people like to whine a lot”.  Marc Fein lets the facts speak for themselves.

1:30 PM – Marc Fein believes there’s no negative to having two networks airing the Stanley Cup Finals.  Mike Milbury must be bored.  Flood compares the VERSUS/NBC relationship to the TNT/NBC hoops relationship.

1:31 PM – and that is it.


POLL: What Time Should The NHL Air Game 2?

NHL Waits For Lakers-Nuggets Game 6 to Set Game 2 Time For Finals

From Neil Best of Newsday:

The NHL has not officially announced a game time for Game 2 of the Stanley Cup finals Sunday.

Why? Most likely, it has something (or everything) to do with the NBA’s Western Conference finals, and the desire to avoid too much overlap with a possible Game 7 between the Lakers and Nuggets.

If the Lakers win it in six, figure on an 8 p.m. NHL start time Sunday.

If the Nuggets take the series to a decisive game, figure on a 7 p.m. NHL start time Sunday.

There you go.  Some of our commenters speculated this was what was what, and neil Best is always on top of everything.

VERSUS/NBC Broadcaster Conference Call Today at 1

Mike Emrick, Eddie Olczyk, Pierre McGuire, Mike Milbury, Sam Flood and Marc Fein will all be discussing the finals.  We’ll semi-liveblog it so ya’ll can be current with what’s going on with the Finals.

CBC is First Out of the Gate with Final PR

It’s déjà-vu hockey fans – a Stanley Cup Final rematch between two of the most intriguing NHL teams of the past decade. CBC’S HOCKEY NIGHT INCANADA continues a 56-year tradition, bringing Canadians exclusive, comprehensive coverage of the 2009 Stanley Cup Final between the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Detroit Red Wings in High-Definition.  The series begins on Saturday, May 30 at 7:30 p.m. ET, live from Joe Louis Arena with Scotiabank Hockey Tonight, hosted by Ron MacLean. At 8 p.m. ET the puck drops on Game One when the Western Conference champion Detroit Red Wings face off against the Eastern Conference winning Pittsburgh Penguins.  Sidney Crosby will be looking to lead the Penguins to their first Cup victory since 1992 (and third in franchise history); while Detroit will be trying to become the first NHL franchise to win back-to-back titles since the club accomplished the feat 11 years ago.


The best-of-seven final resumes in Detroit on Sunday, May 31 (TBD), as veteran goaltender Chris Osgood and the Red Wings continue their battle against Evgeni Malkin and the Penguins. CBC’S HOCKEY NIGHT IN CANADA then heads to Pittsburgh on Tuesday, June 2 with Game Three at 8 p.m. ET, live from Mellon Arena. (Please see below for the complete 2009 Stanley Cup Final broadcast schedule). 


The legendary Don Cherry will return to his usual spot on Coach’s Corneralongside MacLean in the first intermission. Play-by-play announcer Jim Hughson, analyst Craig Simpson and rinkside reporters Elliotte Friedman and Scott Oake will cover the series along with analysts from Kelly Hrudey and P.J Stock.


Plus, every night immediately following CBC’S HOCKEY NIGHT IN CANADA Stanley Cup Final broadcasts, viewers can log onto CBCSports.ca forStanley Cup Countdown, a 30-minute post-game show reviewing the game that just took place as well as a look ahead to the next game.  Host Jeff Marek will be joined by Scott Morrison at the I-Desk. The show will feature a mix of post-game interviews and coaches press conferences, game highlights, comments from online bloggers and discussions with Elliotte Friedman and Scott Oake from rinkside.


Hockey fans can now follow the road to the Stanley Cup on their iPhone by visiting cbcsports.ca/iphone/stanleycup2009.  Users will be kept up-to-date on all playoff series with stats, scores and top stories – all at the CBC’S HOCKEY NIGHT IN CANADA iPhone site, presented by McDonald’s. 


In addition to being seen coast-to-coast-to-coast during the 2009 Stanley Cup Final, Don Cherry and Coach’s Corner will be also be viewed in space by Canadian Space Agency (CSA) astronaut Robert Thirsk, who will be flying aboard the Soyuz TMA-15 spacecraft to become a member of Expedition 20, the first six-person permanent crew of the International Space Station. CBC will upload episodes of Coach’s Corner and CBC News: The National for Thirsk to enjoy and stay informed while he is in orbit, through to his return in October. International Space Station Expedition 20 is Thirsk’s second flight into space; his first was aboard Shuttle Columbia in 1996. This marks the first time CBC has provided content for a CSA crew member, and also marks the first time a Canadian will fly on a long-duration spaceflight. Additional details on the mission can be found at: http://www.asc-csa.gc.ca/eng/missions/expedition20-21/default.asp.



CBC’s exclusive Punjabi broadcasts continue during the entire 2009 Stanley Cup Final, live and on demand at CBCSports.ca.  The Punjabi broadcasts will be available free to Bell TV subscribers on channel 249; to Rogers digital cable subscribers in Ontario and New Brunswick on channel 401; to Shaw Digital Cable subscribers in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba on channel 333 and to Shaw Direct subscribers on channel 478. Viewers should contact their local service provider for more details. Parminder Singh, voice of CBC’S HOCKEY NIGHT IN CANADA regular season Punjabi broadcasts will handle play-by-play duties while Harnarayan Singh, will provide analysis.


Hockey Night in Canada Radio on SIRIUS will also offer comprehensive coverage of the 2009 Stanley Cup Final on SIRIUS Satellite Radio’s Channel 122 airing Monday through Friday from 4 to 7 p.m. ET (encore presentation from 7-10 p.m. ET). Host Jeff Marek will be joined by CBC’S HOCKEY NIGHT IN CANADA personalities and other guests throughout the 2009 Stanley Cup Final.

and then they made me their chief.

Watching the playoffs I have heard the grumbles of the Blackhawks using Chelsea Dagger as their goal song. It’s a really good track but as a goal celebration it just seems a bit odd. I know some teams like to keep it fresh and switch it up, but for the most part I think if the right song is picked it should never change. And it can’t be something annoying. Whenever someone complains that the Habs are bit too noisy and irritating with their horn, I wonder if they know how I roll in Spokane;

That’s the Italian Tarantella. It’s a bit loud and such. And if the Chiefs decided to change it up, I’d probably cry. Fans would riot and revolt because it’s just part of the Chiefs tradition. Teams constantly changing or sprucing up the goal songs just make me think of those Real Housewives addicted to plastic surgery and getting Botox shot into their face. There is a desperation to appearing youthful and hip. Why not keep the song and let it age with the team. In this day and of rental players and blockbuster moves, the only constant seems to be the goal song. I am scared the minute I buy a jersey, a player will be traded. For a lot of fans the goal song feels like home. There are some songs that people are insane for. Uhm, Brass Bonanza anyone?

Also just because this is another reason why I love junior hockey; The Teddy Bear Toss! I’d love to see the NHL do this. Let’s see how many bears we can get donated to area children’s hospitals.

Mikeeeee Reddington assisted by LEVKOOOOOOO KOPERRRRRRR.