Great Moments in Hockey Sweaters;

I am fascinated with celebrities in hockey jerseys. Mainly because you are more likely to see a celeb in a baesball cap; Sox or Yankees, than a hockey stuff. Two years ago on the bus, on the way to uni, I remember seeing a dude. Pale, skinny, nerdy. I recognize my own kind. But his shirt. His shirt was a picture of Ghostface Killah (my favorite Wu Tang Clan member) in Canucks gear (my then favorite team). Unreal. I remember telling him “nice shirt!” but he scrunched his face at me. ‘Scuse me, but if a cute chick compliments you, please make the effort to mumble a thanks. And I have never been able to find that pic of Ghost. However a few weeks ago I did find this picture of him;

wu tang clan ain't nothing to fuck with...

wu tang clan ain't nothing to fuck with...

Mannnnnn. I wanna just hang with Ghostface aka Tony Starks and eat Chinese food and talk about how rad Robert Downey Jr was as Iron Man. And just for kicks, I’d be like “Yo Ghost, you wanna catch a hockey game?” “Killah Beez! Yeah I’mma call Raekwon and Method Man too. Aight?” And then at the game he’d buy me Dippin’ Dots and a Dr Pepper. Swoon.


Your TV Guide and Open Thread For Day 18 of the 2009 Stanley Cup Playoffs

This will appear every night to inform you of the TV networks and announcers that will be covering the games during the playoffs.  Enjoy all the local and national info, after the jump.

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