Local Numbers For Game 7’s

Again, Neil Best is your man for these numbers:

Rangers-Capitals (MSG): 3.02 rating
Hurricanes-Devils (MSG Plus): 1.65 rating

For the night, the Yankees beat everything (barely), while the Rangers bested the Met game that night, and the Devils were in last place.  But hockey made a dent, which makes both teams crapping the bed all the worse.

We’ll get to discussing the Devs Thursday, if you’re into trainwrecks.

5 Responses to Local Numbers For Game 7’s

  1. dyhrdmet says:

    and if North Jersey was its own TV market, that’s probably a 3.5 for the Devils telecast.

  2. kevin says:

    The Devils ratings are truly dismal…Thank god they are gone. I’d rather see teams that do huge ratings #s advance. Boston and Pittsburgh are great for hockey

  3. stevelepore says:

    You do realize the Devils drawing a 1.6 in New York is better than, say, getting an 8-10 rating in most markets?

  4. kevin says:

    A regular season Devils games does about a .1……..I don’t care what the market is…that’s dismal

  5. dyhrdmet says:

    Kevin, you need to get your facts straight. look back at this post – https://puckthemedia.wordpress.com/2009/04/21/your-final-nhl-local-ratings-for-the-2008-09-season/

    The Devils got a 0.4, and the Islanders got a 0.1 rating during the season. And a 0.4 competing for fans and viewership with the Rangers is probably more like 1.2 in the isolated small market of Northern NJ. With that, a 0.4 for the season and a 1.65 for game 7 of the first round is quite a jump, even considering it was up against the Rangers game that night.

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