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We thought a nice re-vamp for the playoffs would be in order.  Enjoy?

TSN Shows Improved Ratings, Little Comment On How They’re Screwing Over Viewers with Playoff Games on TSN2


Toronto, ON (April 14, 2009) – TSN delivered big audiences for the NHL in the first year of the network’s multi-year broadcast extension with the league.  With 71 games in the 2008-09 season featuring Canadian teams, TSN averaged 479,000 viewers – up 17% compared to last season.

In addition to impressive overall audience growth, the NHL on TSN  also saw television ratings grow in the key advertising demographics compared to last season: Adults 18-34 increased by 20%, Adults 25-54 increased by 15% and Adults 18-49 increased by 15%.

During the 2008-09 season, TSN gave sports fans even more choice when it came to watching live NHL action.  TSN added 11 bonus games to its schedule, featuring non-Canadian teams, and TSN2 delivered exclusive live coverage of 33 NHL games.  

“Giving Canadian hockey fans more coverage of their teams has always been a top priority for TSN,” said Phil King, President of TSN. “We are thrilled that our new package of NHL games has proven to be a winner and we look forward to delivering even more NHL coverage throughout the Stanley Cup playoffs.”

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Could Canadian TV Actually Be Screwing Viewers For Once?

Here in the States, American fans are always talking about how the NHL and it’s television deals are keeping them from watching enough games on national TV.  Well, this time it could be the other way around.  Many of our commenters have been talking about how TSN2 is keeping people from watching games on Canadian TV.

Usually up there, TSN and CBC cannot cover every game.  But the NHL is giving TSN four series this year and allowing them to screw over some Canucks in two ways.  One, many Flames fans in Calgary do not get TSN.  So a certain percentage of their fanbase is unable to see the games.  Two, the other series they’re covering are being pushed to TSN2, which is not carried on a couple of cable systems, most notably Rogers Cable.  To make matters worse, TSN2 games cannot be carried on the Canadian edition of Center Ice, so any viewers who shelled out $140 for the regular season and first and second-round playoff games are left out in the cold.

So, to our Canadian fans, are you one of these people, is the NHL actually dropping the ball here?

out of the loop.

Certain things are only funny to hockey people. Things like the NHL commercial with the maid and the dude dressed up as a goalie. But to explain things to a non-hockey person, it can be difficult. Have you ever tried explaining Don Cherry to someone who thinks hockey games have quarters? It will make your brain bleed.

Take for example my BFF. He knows I love and adore hockey, but he doesn’t entirely understand it all. My BFF actually kinda looks like the metal version of Sidney Crosby. If the Cros had long hair, drove a Mustang and listened to Mastadon. That’s my BFF. I try to exlain it all to him and he is just like, “ok….can I play Fallout now?” The best part is his names is Crosby as well.

And then his bro had a kid. Well, his girlfriend, but you get it. They had a lovely and healthy baby girl named Avery. THE CHILD IS NAMED AVERY CROSBY. The family watches no sports, save for the occasional epis of America’s Gladiators on ESPN Classic. I nearly died laughing when I heard the name. “That’s not a funny name! It’s pretty!” “NO I agree, it is really is pretty!” Then I attempted to fill in the backstory on Mr Sean Avery including the Cuthbert Incident. BFF just looked at me and I said, “I will stop talking now.”

Will I be buying her Rangers or Pens gear? Tough decision. I will probably buy her a Maple Leaf onesie instead.

BREAKING: Blackhawks-Red Wings May Have Set a New Record For NHL Ratings Lows on Broadcast

Well, it may have been a meaningless game, but NBC’s NHL ratings have hit a new low.  According to SportsBusinessDaily (Reg. required), NBC’s Red Wings/Blackhawks broadcast on Sunday drew an 0.6/2 rating, possibly the lowest overnight ever recorded for an NHL telecast on network television.  The game was beaten by taped poker highlights, taped monster truck coverage, and everything else on a busy sports weekend.  It can be attributed to the game being meaningless, hockey fans’ general malaise toward a Sunday game in April at the end of the year, or even people being unfamiliar with the game’s timeslot (2:00 PM ET, instead of the normal 12:30 PM ET), but the fact is, NBC needs to do some work to make sure the post-season gets back up, at least into the 1’s.

NBC’s Emmy-Nominated NHL coverage returns for Stanley Cup Playoff coverage this Saturday and Sunday with Game 2 of Rangers-Capitals (1:00 PM Saturday) and Game 3 of Penguins-Flyers (3:00 PM Sunday).