The Official 2nd Round Schedule…

Is here.

9 AM tomorrow we’ll give you everything.

Dates For Round Two Games; Mega-Schedule Tomorrow at 9:00 AM

We’ll have that ready for tomorrow morning, but for now we’ll give you the dates, and post the other bits and pieces as they come.

EDIT: We have some confirmed times, and we’ll take educated guesses on TV in the U.S. 


May 1 @ Boston, 7:30PM ET
May 3 @ Boston, Likely 7:30PM ET (VERSUS) 
May 6 @ Carolina, Likely 7PM ET 
May 8 @ Carolina, Likely 7PM ET
May 10 @ Boston, Likely, 7PM ET  
May 12 @ Carolina, Likely 7PM ET (VERSUS) 
May 14 @ Boston, Likely 7PM ET


May 2 @ WSH, 1:00 PM ET (NBC)
May 4 @ WSH, Likely 7PM ET (VERSUS)
May 6 @ PIT, Likely 7PM ET (VERSUS)
May 8 @ PIT, Likely 7PM ET (VERSUS)
May 9 @ WSH, Likely 7PM ET (VERSUS)
May 11 @PIT, Likely 7PM ET (VERSUS)
May 13 @ WSH, Likely 7PM ET (VERSUS)


May 1 @ DET, 7:30 PM ET (VERSUS)
May 3 @ DET, 2:00 PM ET (NBC)
May 5 @ ANA, Likely 10:30 PM ET (VERSUS) 
May 7 @ ANA, Likely 10:30 PM ET (VERSUS) 
May 10 @ DET, Likely 7:00 PM ET 
May 12 @ ANA, Likely 10:00 PM ET (VERSUS)
May 14 @ DET, Likely 7:30 PM ET (VERSUS)


Apr. 30 @ VAN, 9:00 PM ET (VERSUS/CBC) 
May 2 @ VAN, 9:00 PM ET (VERSUS/CBC)
May 5 @ CHI, 8:00 PM ET (VERSUS/CBC) 
May 7 @ CHI, 8:00 PM ET (VERSUS/CBC)
May 9 @ VAN, 10:00 PM ET (VERSUS/CBC) 
May 11 @ CHI, 9:00 PM ET 
May 14 @ VAN, 10:00 PM ET (VERSUS/CBC) 

UPDATE: Day-by-Day

April 30th
Chicago vs. Vancouver, Game 1 

May 1 
Carolina vs. Boston, Game 1
Anaheim vs. Detroit, Game 1

May 2
Pittsburgh vs. Washington, Game 1
Chicago vs. Vancouver, Game 2

May 3
Anaheim vs. Detroit, Game 2
Carolina vs. Boston, Game 2

May 4
Pittsburgh vs. Washington, Game 2

May 5
Vancouver vs. Chicago, Game 3
Detroit vs. Anaheim, Game 3

May 6
Boston vs. Carolina, Game 3
Washington vs. Pittsburgh, Game 3

May 7
Vancouver vs. Chicago, Game 4
Detroit vs. Anaheim, Game 4

May 8
Boston vs. Carolina, Game 4
Washington vs. Pittsburgh, Game 4

May 9
Pittsburgh vs. Washington, Game 5
Chicago vs. Vancouver, Game 5

May 10
Carolina vs. Boston, Game 5
Anaheim vs. Detroit, Game 5

May 11
Washington vs. Pittsburgh, Game 6
Vancouver vs. Chicago, Game 6

May 12
Boston vs. Carolina, Game 6
Detroit vs. Anaheim, Game 6

May 13
Pittsburgh vs. Washington, Game 7

May 14
Carolina vs. Boston, Game 7
Anaheim vs. Detroit, Game 7
Chicago vs. Vancouver, Game 7 

We’ll let you guys figure out how unbelievably idiotic some of these are.



Folks, there’s no shame for us in telling you that we’re heartbroken at this very moment.  

I never saw the ’94 Conf. Finals until it was on tape.  This to me, is just the biggest heartbreak I’ve ever felt.

We’ll only be posting stuff like schedules for the rest of the week, then we get the three-day weekend we sort of unintentionally planned.

So for the next couple days, use this thread to post whatever.

Goodnight for now.

Another Band We’re Seeing While We’re Off This Weekend

Ladies and Gentlemen, Bloodhound Gang:

Ducks-Red Wings is NBC’s Sunday Game

According to the Red Wings website, Anaheim-Detroit will boogie down at The Joe for Game 2 of their Western Conference Semi-final series this Sunday at 2:00 PM. 

An Eastern Conference series will air Saturday at 1:00 PM.  Likely Rangers-Boston if the Rangers win, DEFINITELY Pittsburgh-Boston if the Caps win.

Also, note that CBC gets the first two picks when it comes to Round 2.  Obviously, Canucks-Hawks is #1 priority, perhaps Red Wings-Ducks (so they can do doubleheaders every night) or Bruins-Penguins (to even things up).

As far as dates go, expect a Penguins/Rangers-Bruins to start Thursday with Hawks/Canucks paired.  With Ducks-Wings starting Friday, expect it to be paired up with a Devils/Capitals or Hurricanes-Bruins series.  If the Devils get a home series, it will definitely go Friday/Sunday, as Dane Cook is playing The Rock Saturday.  TD Banknorth Garden has a Commencement Friday, so a Thursday/Saturday series would make more sense for the Bruins.  Mellon Arena is free all weekend.

Your TV Guide and Open Thread for Night 14 of the 2009 Stanley Cup Playoffs

This will appear every night to inform you of the TV networks and announcers that will be covering the games during the playoffs.  Enjoy all the local and national info, after the jump.

Read more of this post

Will Obama Show Up at Game 7?

From John Taylor of the Washington Times:

With the Capitals wrapping up their Game 6 rout of the New York Rangers, NBC play-by-play announcer Mike Emrick had a shout-out to President Barack Obama.

He told the listening audience — and I’m paraphrasing here — that President Obama has never been to a hockey game, and that with the Caps now forcing this series to its max and bringing it back home to Verizon Center, well, he’d never miss a Game 7.

For you White House schedulers reading, that’s Tuesday at 7 p.m. at the big arena in Chinatown, about 8 blocks or so from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

We’ll be tuning in to Game 7 of the Rangers-Caps during Devils-Canes intermissions, so we’ll be excited to see if the President stops by.

Winter Classic Promo Takes Home Emmy

Like you, we’re extremely shocked that the Sports Emmy isn’t just the regular Emmy with a bat in it’s hand.  Anyway, the NHL took home one of the two Emmy’s it was involved with.  While Mike Emrick went down in the play-by-play category to Jim Nantz, the Winter Classic Wrigley Field promo won the Emmy for “Outstanding Sports Promotional Announcement – Episodic”.  Here are the credits:


Executive Producer
Dick Ebersol

Coordinating Producer
Mike McCarley

Supervising Producer
Brian Jennings

Senior Producers
Casey Hall, Brian Matthews, Cliff Skeete

Chris Sargent

Michael Elliot, Stacy Kay

Associate Producers
Justin Byczek, William Lee, Justin Slack, Nick Terzis