Your TV Guide and Open Thread For Night Seven of the 2009 Stanley Cup Playoffs


This will appear every night to inform you of the TV networks and announcers that will be covering the games during the playoffs.  Enjoy all the local and national info, after the jump.

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Rambling with the Devils: Why We’re Sure We’re Gonna’ Lose Game 4

You may read this blog occasionally and think that I’m a fairly positive person.  Well, when you meet the Devils fan version of me, you meet a completely different person.  I think the Devils are never going to win.  Ever.  I’m absolutely stunned we’ve made the playoffs for 12 consecutive Springs.  The fact that this team has three Stanley Cups comes as baffling.

So it should come as no shock to anyone that I doubt the Devils will win Game 4.  I doubted they would win t 1 and Game 3.  I got cocky after Game 1, and look what happened!  But anyway, we really do think this team had their bags packed for Jersey the second Zajac won Game 3 in OT.  I think they’re happy with a split guaranteed heading into this game, and some of these players can get really lazy when it comes down to it.

So enjoy this Game 4, Carolina’s uneducated fanbase.  Oh, that’s an unfair generalization?  The crowd thought a penalty had been called when the puck had been played by a high stick.  I have a three-year old cousin that understands that rule.  We understand that there are some educated Hurricane fans, most of them named David.  But the rest of them can enjoy their drunken stupor after Game 4 and be ready to do battle in Newark on Thursday.

Besides, if we go up 3-1, we’ll totally let them win three straight to take the series.  Somehow.


I wish I could hate you to death.

The world is a depressing place. The economy is beyond collapsing and the corporate executives are getting bonuses and bailouts for putting us all in this mess and the banks are being regrouped and renamed on the daily. There’s the fight for gay rights and the media fervor over the Octomom. Hockey fans may argue about visors and fighting. But we can all be united under the fact that Pierre McGuire is the worst part about hockey. People worry about kids emulating hockey fights. Nay! They should be worried about the violence that McGuire’s voice can incite.

We must band together and stop Pierre McGuire. And I have an idea on how we can do this. McGuire would make some public statement about how unkind the bloggers are and he would never retire from commentating (did I just invent a verb?) unless he was paid. I would counter with, “don’t you make enough money now? how about if in X number of days, if we can raise Y number of dollars for charity, you shut your yap and get off my television, forever? It’s for the children.” And he would have to accept the challenge, otherwise he would seem like a supreme douche who hates sick kids. Also, this would benefit the bloggers because we could show the world we are proactive (not the face medicine) and can get shit done.

Also I challenge anyone to explain why McGuire isn’t that awful and to counter with someone worse than him.

Your Final NHL Local Ratings for the 2008-09 Season

Thanks to John Ourand of Sports Business Journal for all the numbers.

First, the rankings based on ratings:

1. Buffalo (MSG): 7.9 (Down 10.8% from 2007-08)
2. Pittsburgh (FS Pittsburgh): 6.3 (Up 9.3%)
3. Detroit (FS Detroit): 4.0 (Down 16.3%)
4. Boston (NESN): 2.5 (Up 70%)
5. Philadelphia (CSN Philly): 2.4 (Up 4.3%)
6. Minnesota (FS North): 2.2 (Down 19.9%)
7. St. Louis (FS Midwest): 1.9 (Down 4.4%)
8. Columbus (FS Ohio): 1.8 (Up 62.3%)
9. Colorado (Altitude): 1.4 (Down 2.1%)
10. San Jose (CSN Bay Area): 1.4 (Up 55.6%)
11. Chiago (CSN Chicago): 1.2 (Up 100%)
12. Washington (CSN Mid-Atlantic): 1.1 (Up 64.2%)
13. NY Rangers (MSG): 1.0 (Down 6%)
14. Dallas (FS Southwest): 0.5 (Up 41.5%)
15. Tampa Bay (Sun Sports): 0.4 (Down 28.8%)
16. New Jersey (MSG Plus): 0.4 (Up 24.2%)
17. Phoenix (FS Arizona): 0.4 (Up 29%)
18. Los Angeles (FS West): 0.3 (Up 10.3%)
19. Anaheim (FS Prime Ticket): 0.3 (Even)
20. Atlanta (SportSouth): 0.2 (Up 85.7%)
21. Florida (FS Florida): 0.2 (Down 14.8%)
22. NY Islanders (MSG Plus): 0.1 (Down 20.8%) 

Next, the rankings based on number of households watching:

1. NY Rangers (MSG): 81,000 viewers (Down 5.8%)
2. Detroit (FS Detroit): 77,000 (Down 16.3%)
3. Pittsburgh (FS Pittsburgh): 73,000 (Up 9%)
4. Philadelphia (CSN Philly): 72,000 (Up 4.3%)
5. Boston (NESN): 60,000 (Up 71.4%)
6. Buffalo (MSG): 50,000 (Down 12.3%)
7. Chicago (CSN Chicago): 44,100 (Up 100%)
8. Minnesota (FS North): 40,000 (Down 18.4%)
9. San Jose (CSN Bay Area): 33,600 (Up 55.6%)
10. New Jersey (MSG Plus): 30,000 (Up 25%)
11. Washington (CSN Mid-Atlantic): 25,300 (Up 64.2%)
12. St. Louis (FS Midwest): 25,000 (Down 3.8%)
13. Colorado (Altitude): 21,100 (Up .5%)
14. Los Angeles (FS West): 18,000 (Up 12.5%)
15. Anaheim (FS Prime Ticket): 17,000 (Even)
16. Columbus (FS Ohio): 17,000 (Up 70%)
17. Dallas (FS Southwest): 14,000 (Up 40%)
18. NY Islanders (MSG Plus): 14,000 (Down 22.2%)
19. Tampa Bay (Sun Sports): 9,000 (Down 25%)
20. Phoenix (FS Arizona): 7,000 (Up 9%)
21. Atlanta (SportSouth): 6,000 (Up 100%)
22. Florida (FS Florida): 4,000 (Even)

Your Mid-Day YouTube Compulsory: We Aren’t Showing That Edwards Video. Sorry.

How The Pensblog Lost the War on NBC


Photoshop Credit: TPB

Photoshop Credit: TPB

We used to run a blog over at the hockey behemoth Kukla’s Korner.  As you all know, Abel to Yzerman is the popular Red Wing blog run by (The Chief) Bill Houlihan over there.  They do not like Pierre McGuire in those parts.  We believe the term they use for him is “Douche Canoe”.  We don’t believe that, we know that, because we can read.  Which makes us slightly more educated than the guys at The Pensblog.  Zing!

Okay, that was lame.  But it’s certainly nowhere near as lame as some of the stuff TPB goes after.  Seriously, Nickelback has more original ideas.  We get it guys, someone in your family is gay, so you need to overcompensate for it!

Anywho, The Pensblog have been waging a war against NBC since their decision to ruin the party outside Mellon Arena to watch the game.  Now, we agree with them in principle.  The 14 or 15 diehard Penguins fans and the 300 or so of their hangers-on since last year’s Cup run want somewhere to drink in public and watch the Penguins lose.  But, they seriously took it to a new level.  It was like the Parents TV Council after an episode of South Park.

It started with confusing outrage, and a list of people to contact.  Then it went to reasoned pleading with the league, whom the guys and their homosexual friend felt abandoned by.  Because as you know, the NHL is a business created to cater to the Pens fan, and no one else. 

Finally (sort of), it exploded into an admittedly hilarious photoshop of a Penguin defecating on the NBC logo, and a list of NBC’s major advertisers.  Really guys?  Do you think Red Bull gives a crap moreso than NBC about hockey?  Where is that getting you?  It finally led to them recommending you watch on the web on one of CBC’s broadcasts.

It finished for now with Pensblog’s annoyingly narrow-founded recap of the game, where they made jokes about Pierre McGuire.  Because that’s never been done before.  Also made fun of: Harry Kalas.  I’m done linking to these clowns, you can find that yourself.

That final post stated that “The war on NBC isn’t over”.  C’mon guys, don’t you want people to think I came up with that headline myself?  Lame.

But maybe the war needs to end after this news.  A 33% share in Pittsburgh?  33%!  So why did this happen?  Maybe because most of the Penguin outdoor screen-watching fanbase went on with their lives after hearing this news, instead of wasting their time going all Rachel Dratch in 30 Rock about it?  If the war isn’t over, then Round 1 most certainly goes to NBC.