Your Final NHL Local Ratings for the 2008-09 Season

Thanks to John Ourand of Sports Business Journal for all the numbers.

First, the rankings based on ratings:

1. Buffalo (MSG): 7.9 (Down 10.8% from 2007-08)
2. Pittsburgh (FS Pittsburgh): 6.3 (Up 9.3%)
3. Detroit (FS Detroit): 4.0 (Down 16.3%)
4. Boston (NESN): 2.5 (Up 70%)
5. Philadelphia (CSN Philly): 2.4 (Up 4.3%)
6. Minnesota (FS North): 2.2 (Down 19.9%)
7. St. Louis (FS Midwest): 1.9 (Down 4.4%)
8. Columbus (FS Ohio): 1.8 (Up 62.3%)
9. Colorado (Altitude): 1.4 (Down 2.1%)
10. San Jose (CSN Bay Area): 1.4 (Up 55.6%)
11. Chiago (CSN Chicago): 1.2 (Up 100%)
12. Washington (CSN Mid-Atlantic): 1.1 (Up 64.2%)
13. NY Rangers (MSG): 1.0 (Down 6%)
14. Dallas (FS Southwest): 0.5 (Up 41.5%)
15. Tampa Bay (Sun Sports): 0.4 (Down 28.8%)
16. New Jersey (MSG Plus): 0.4 (Up 24.2%)
17. Phoenix (FS Arizona): 0.4 (Up 29%)
18. Los Angeles (FS West): 0.3 (Up 10.3%)
19. Anaheim (FS Prime Ticket): 0.3 (Even)
20. Atlanta (SportSouth): 0.2 (Up 85.7%)
21. Florida (FS Florida): 0.2 (Down 14.8%)
22. NY Islanders (MSG Plus): 0.1 (Down 20.8%) 

Next, the rankings based on number of households watching:

1. NY Rangers (MSG): 81,000 viewers (Down 5.8%)
2. Detroit (FS Detroit): 77,000 (Down 16.3%)
3. Pittsburgh (FS Pittsburgh): 73,000 (Up 9%)
4. Philadelphia (CSN Philly): 72,000 (Up 4.3%)
5. Boston (NESN): 60,000 (Up 71.4%)
6. Buffalo (MSG): 50,000 (Down 12.3%)
7. Chicago (CSN Chicago): 44,100 (Up 100%)
8. Minnesota (FS North): 40,000 (Down 18.4%)
9. San Jose (CSN Bay Area): 33,600 (Up 55.6%)
10. New Jersey (MSG Plus): 30,000 (Up 25%)
11. Washington (CSN Mid-Atlantic): 25,300 (Up 64.2%)
12. St. Louis (FS Midwest): 25,000 (Down 3.8%)
13. Colorado (Altitude): 21,100 (Up .5%)
14. Los Angeles (FS West): 18,000 (Up 12.5%)
15. Anaheim (FS Prime Ticket): 17,000 (Even)
16. Columbus (FS Ohio): 17,000 (Up 70%)
17. Dallas (FS Southwest): 14,000 (Up 40%)
18. NY Islanders (MSG Plus): 14,000 (Down 22.2%)
19. Tampa Bay (Sun Sports): 9,000 (Down 25%)
20. Phoenix (FS Arizona): 7,000 (Up 9%)
21. Atlanta (SportSouth): 6,000 (Up 100%)
22. Florida (FS Florida): 4,000 (Even)


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6 Responses to Your Final NHL Local Ratings for the 2008-09 Season

  1. Joel says:

    Are those households or estimated viewers? I thimk it’s kind of sad that a lot of teams have more people watching live than on TV.

  2. dyhrdmet says:

    I like how Chicago doubled their ratings and viewership this year by having every game on TV for the first time. Or was it fan favorite Pat Foley coming back?

    This helps me in my quest for the Devils “true” TV ratings. Say 1/3 of the Devils “territory” is in New Jersey. That means they really should have a 1.2 rating for their real territory instead of 0.3. Better than the Rangers.

    But something doesn’t add up. The Devils and Islanders are in the same TV market, so it’s the same base for the ratings numbers and percentages. New Jersey got a little more than 2x the viewers, but the rating is 4x higher than the Islanders.

    • Jason says:

      The reason is because these ratings are not accurate in terms of how far the nuber is carried out. The Islanders are more of a .15 rating, while the Devils are more of a .38/.37 rating. That would make it even out more

  3. Ed in Jacksonville says:

    If the NHL wants to get its TV ratings out of the zero point somethings, a few obvious suggestions (although apparently not obvious enough for Gary Bettman to grasp):
    1. Fix the uniforms! Enough of these head to skate goth black death metal costumes. Return to one (and only one) home white uniform and one dark away uniform. Whatever kind of garden shrew the Sabres have for an emblem, scrap it and bring back the symbol from their 1970’s 1980’s (you know the one they still have at center ice). As for all of these 3rd or special jerseys, use ’em to wash the zambonis.
    2. Overhaul the schedule. Let every team play in every rink every year.
    3. Learn how to conduct a semi-coherent intermission player interview. Why must anyone being interviewed appear as if he just climbed out of the ocean during Hell Week of Navy SEAL training?

  4. Kent W says:

    Uniforms don’t equal ratings, I counted on average the teams played in 23/29 opposing rinks, so I don’t think 6 road games are really going to affect ratings, might affect attendance 3. Players are sweaty after playing hockey and the only time you’re going to get interviews is right when they come off the ice. I’d take some rather than none.

    The best way to drive ratings is to get some positive mainstream coverage, some controversy that doesn’t involve players getting mutilated. Locally teams need to branch into alternative markets. For instance, in Miami that’s reaching into the Latino communities, and it’s also on the networks and their marketing campaigns. Content wise, it’s finding production crew who understand the game. CBC is staffed by Canadiens who know the game, when the director can anticipate plays he can choose angels that suck the viewer in. When the camera operators know hockey they can compose stronger shots that keep the puck on screen and easily viewable. Also you need producers who know how to approach features that speak to audiences. Combining these elements you can suck new viewers in and hold on to them. Obviously above all though is team play. If they win they’ll be up.

    That’s all I got for now.

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