Your 2009 NHL Stanley Cup Playoff Schedule


We’ll post all 4 TV Network’s schedules by the end of the night, promise.


So Far, Your Stanley Cup Playoff Schedule

April 15
NY Rangers vs. Washington, G1
Carolina vs. New Jersey, G1
Philadelphia vs. Pittsburgh, G1
St. Louis vs. Vancouver, G1

April 16
Montreal vs. Boston, G1
Columbus vs. Detroit, G1
Calgary vs. Chicago, G1
Anaheim vs. San Jose, G1

April 17
Carolina vs. New Jersey, G2
Philadelphia vs. Pittsburgh, G2
St. Louis vs. Vancouver, G2

April 18
NY Rangers vs. Washington, G2
Montreal vs. Boston, G2
Calgary vs. Chicago, G2
Columbus vs. Detroit, G2

April 19
New Jersey vs. Carolina, G3
Pittsburgh vs. Philadelphia, G3
Vancouver vs. St. Louis, G3
Anaheim vs. San Jose, G2

April 20
Washington vs. NY Rangers, G3
Boston vs. Montreal, G3
Chicago vs. Calgary, G3

April 21
New Jersey vs. Carolina, G4
Pittsburgh vs. Philadelphia, G4
Detroit vs. Columbus, G3
Vancouver vs. St. Louis, G4
San Jose vs. Anaheim, G3

April 22
Boston vs. Montreal, G4
Chicago vs. Calgary, G4
Washington vs. NY Rangers, G4

April 23
Detroit vs. Columbus, G4
San Jose vs. Anaheim, G4

Montreal Radio Station Reports Likely Bruins/Habs Schedule

From CKAC in Montreal:

Game 1 : Thursday April 16 Boston, MA
Game 2 : Sunday April 19 Boston, MA
Game 3 : Monday April 20 Montreal, QC
Game 4 : Wednesday April 22 Montreal, QC
Game 5* : Saturday April 25 Boston, MA
Game 6* : Monday April 27 Montreal, QC
Game 7* : Wednesday April 29 Boston, MA

One Last Note For the Night: What to Expect Here For the Playoffs

Here are some things to expect on Puck the Media during the post-season:

  • Every night we’ll have an open thread/announcing schedule for the VERSUS/NBC/TSN/CBC games.  If you want to know who’s calling your game, tune into Puck the Media.
  • The Mid-Day YouTube Compulsory will be highlights of all of the previous night’s games.
  • Devils commentary.  Usually, during the regular season, we can keep it in our pants.  But not during the playoffs.  We’ll recap our feelings post-game on NJD after every game.
  • Where you can find us for liveblogs/chats
  • The usual links and commentary and nonsense.

So won’t you please join us?  Like you have anything better to do.  Enjoy Wrap Monday/Tuesday, and thanks for your support of Puck the Media.

Red Wings-Blue Jackets Schedule

Game 1 – Thu 4/16, 7PM @ DET
Game 2 – Sat 4/18, 6PM @ DET
Game 3 – Tue 4/21, 7PM @ CLB
Game 4 – Thu 4/23, 7PM @ CLB
Game 5 – Sat 4/25, 6PM @ DET
Game 6 – Mon 4/27, 7PM @ CLB
Game 7 – Wed. 4/29, 7PM @ DET

TSN To Televise Rangers/Washington Wednesday, Flames/Blackhawks Thursday, TSN2 to air Carolina/New Jersey, Columbus/Detroit

According to their website, TSN will air Rangers/Washington Game 1 at 7PM ET Wednesday, with Flames/Blackhawks Game 1 at 7:30 PM ET Thursday.

EDIT 10:44 PM ET: According to TSN2’s broadcast schedule, they’ll air Devils/Canes Game 1 Wed. at 7:30 PM ET, and Columbus/Detroit Game 1 Thursday at 7.

Likely Canucks-Blues Schedule

Game 1 – Wed 4/15, 10PM @ VAN
Game 2 – Fri 4/17, 10 PM @ VAN  
Game 3 – Sun 4/19, 7 PM @ STL
Game 4 – Tue 4/21, 8 PM @ STL
Game 5 – Fri 4/24, 10 PM @ VAN
Game 6 – Sun 4/26, 8 PM @ STL
Game 7 – Tue 4/28, 10 PM @ STL