Your Announcers and Open Thread for Hockey Night in Canada

Montreal vs. Toronto, 7PM ET, CBC/NHL Net
Play by Play:
Jim Hughson
Color: Craig Simpson
Reporter: Elliotte Friedman

Philadelphia vs. Ottawa, 7PM ET, CBC Ottawa
Play by Play:
Bob Cole
Color: Greg Millen
Reporter: Cassie Campbell

Vancouver vs. Edmonton, 10PM ET, CBC/NHL Net
Play by Play:
Mark Lee
Color: Marc Crawford
Reporter: Scott Oake 


Andy Brickley Says What We’re All Thinking

In our interview with Jack Edwards (coming Monday!) he calls his partner Andy Brickley “the best analyst” in the NHL.  We’re partial to agree.  Here he is, fed up with Sean Avery after that stupid play in the Boston game today:

Shopping with Wrap: WTF Edition.

AHWWW Hell Naw.

AHWWW Hell Naw.

So this was in my Gmail inbox today. Have you met the new merch? It’s only 31.99 and isn’t even available in every team! It’s the Rebel tshirt collection. I wondered what the Gotti boys are up to, apparently designing shit with Ed Hardy. This shirt, in the words of Cher, it’s a total Monet. From a distance it looks kind cool and up close it’s all sorts of wrong. Look at it, it’s like Dogma with explodey heads and wings. Where the fuck is Ben Affleck when you need him? Dudes this is not edgy and hip. It’s completely and utterly icky. I would file it under the category of popped collars and friggen Corona and other beer brand flip flops and things worn spring break in Cabo. No! Bad NHL! I am smacking you on the nose with a newspaper.