NBC Sets Contingency Plan for Saturday

Wyshynski beat me to it, but we’ve had a busy day.  Here’s Neil Best:

What if Saturday’s Penguins-Capitals game on NBC runs late, what with the Kentucky Derby scheduled for early evening on the network?

If the game goes to one overtime, it will remain on NBC.

If it goes beyond one OT, it will switch to Versus, except in Pittsburgh and Washington.

Two years ago, NBC famously sent a game in the Eastern Conference finals over to Versus to switch to Preakness pre-race coverage.

This is an improvement.

3 Responses to NBC Sets Contingency Plan for Saturday

  1. GeriLou says:

    So if you’re in Pittsburgh and it goes beyond the first overtime, what happens? Everyone else switches to Versus. Does NBC stay with the game in local areas, or is it kaput?

  2. Nate says:

    If it goes past one OT, NBC will stay with the game in both Pittsburgh and Washington with Versus for everyone else

  3. Leafsfan1967 says:

    The NHL is the only professional sport this would happen to and it’s sad. If we are being honest, it is a another sign of how little the US Networks care about hockey…

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