Pens-Hurricanes Game 1 Monday

On VERSUS, as Patrick just said.  Monday, likely at 7PM, with Hockey Central prior to.  Expect a mega-schedule tomorrow morning.

3 Responses to Pens-Hurricanes Game 1 Monday

  1. Trizent says:

    TSN has Games 1 and 2 of both series – East Monday and Thursday; West Sunday and Tuesday

  2. Danimal says:

    NBC predictably took Detroit to lead it off. Since it’s Sunday, no Preakness conflict. They will also have Game 4.

    Both potential Game 6s are in prime-time on Versus largely because NBC begins its French Open coverage on the last weekend in May and opted not to do a full day of sports on that Sunday.

  3. E says:

    This is a terrible schedule. I can’t believe there is no game this Saturday.
    There is only 1 Eastern Conference Final game in the next week.
    Game 1 is Monday, and Game 2 is not until Thursday!

    There is absolutely no momentum when it comes to Hockey.

    No wonder why the ratings are so bad!

    Speaking of that, anyone know the final ratings on versus for Pitt-Wash game 7?

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