hot and heavy.

Making the rounds this week has been the Tuukka Rask freak out and then this clip right here;

In theory I should probably smack these goalies with a ruler for such naughtiness. For shame! Not being sportsmanlike! Sorry, but it’s hysterical. From my understanding one has to be a bit off to be a netminder. Honestly I am surprised that more goalies don’t snap. I expect to read in the paper that a netminder snapped, shaved his head and swung an umbrella at paparazzi and then was arrested wearing Lindsay Lohan’s coke pants on a semi regular basis. But nooooo. They have to be all tame and stoic while the bruising defensemen bloody their knuckles and really why should they have all the fun? I like a goalie that shows some emotion; a goalie that cares when a play was sour and a call not kosher (I am hungry at the thought). So when Martin Gerber got feisty, I swooned. Sometimes hissy fits are just scary hot/hilarious. Just look at Christian Bale.


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5 Responses to hot and heavy.

  1. sleza says:

    and emery has never been send to anger management…? Neil’s entry was something full of awesomeness

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  3. shindig! says:

    omg hilarious. How did that one guy get so much air????? He was a good 3 feet of the ground in all that goalie gear, wtf?

  4. danielleia says:

    I love that you compared Christian Bale to a goalie.

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