Your Announcers and Open Thread For Night Seven of the 2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs

Phoenix vs. Detroit, Game 4 (PHX Leads 2-1), 6:30 PM ET

National TV (Canada): TSN (HD)
Play by Play: Gord Miller
Inside the Glass: Pierre McGuire

Regional TV (Phoenix): FS Arizona
Play by Play: Dave Strader
Color: Darren Pang
Reporter: Todd Walsh

Regional TV (Detroit): FS Detroit (HD)
Play by Play: Ken Daniels
Color: Mickey Redmond
Inside the Glass: Larry Murphy

Pittsburgh vs. Ottawa, Game 4 (PIT Leads 2-1), 7:00 PM ET

National TV (Canada): CBC (HD)
Play by Play: Bob Cole
Color: Gary Galley
Reporter: Elliot Friedman

National TV (US): VERSUS (HD)
Play by Play: John Forslund
Color: Darren Eliot
Reporter: Charissa Thompson

Regional TV (Pittsburgh): FS Pittsburgh (HD)
Play by Play: Paul Steigerwald
Color: Bob Errey
Reporter: Dan Potash

New Jersey vs. Philadelphia, Game 4 (PHI Leads 2-1), 7:00 PM ET

National TV (Canada): TSN 2 (HD)

Regional TV (New Jersey): MSG Plus
Play by Play: Mike Emrick
Color: Chico Resch
Reporters: Steve Cangialosi and Stan Fischler

Regional TV (Philadelphia): CSN Philadelphia (HD)
Play by Play: Jim Jackson
Color: Keith Jones/Bill Clement
Reporter: Steve Coates

Chicago vs. Nashville, Game 3 (Series Tied 1-1), 9:00 PM ET

National TV (Canada): TSN (HD)
Play by Play: Chris Cuthbert
Inside the Glass: Ray Ferraro

Regional TV (Chicago): CSN Chicago (HD)
Play by Play: Pat Foley
Color: Eddie Olczyk
Reporter: Sarah Kustok

Regional TV (Nashville): FS Tennessee (HD)
Play by Play: Pete Weber
Color: Terry Crisp

San Jose vs. Colorado, Game 4 (COL Leads 2-1), 10:00 PM ET

National TV (Canada): CBC (HD)
Play by Play: Mark Lee
Color: Kevin Weekes

Regional TV (San Jose): CSN California (HD)
Play by Play: Randy Hahn
Color: Drew Remenda
Reporter: Brodie Brazil

Regional TV (Colorado): Altitude (HD)
Play by Play: Mike Haynes
Color: Peter McNab
Reporter: Kyle Keefe


5 Responses to Your Announcers and Open Thread For Night Seven of the 2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs

  1. Josh says:

    Why are Detroit and Phoenix playing at 6:30 on a *weeknight*? Outside of the Olympics and holidays, I can’t remember a weeknight game ever starting before 7pm.

    • Chris S says:

      I think it was pushed up 30 minutes so TSN could also show Chicago/Nashville in its entirety at 9. Not sure what they’ll do if Wings/Coyotes go to OT, they won’t have TSN2 as a backup, as they’ll also be showing a game.

      • Josh says:

        That leaves a bad taste in my mouth, personally. I think start times on weeknights (except for SCF games) should always be one of 7pm, 7:30pm or 8pm local time – nothing else.

  2. Trent says:

    Oilers were starting at 6pm local on weeknights during their 06 Run for TV. I assume Anaheim had some of those as well.

    TSN2 is using the CSN Philly HD feed.

  3. nosferatu says:

    Especially bad starting at 6:30 ET considering that is, if I’m not mistaken, 3:30 in Arizona! I know the fans there “don’t count” according to some people, but that’s pretty rough. I can’t imagine local TV ratings will be very high for this one.

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