NHL Net Featured Schedule. See You Sunday…

Monday, Apr. 12
NHL Live
4:00 NHL Power Play
7:00 NHL On the Fly Playoff Preview: East

Tuesday, Apr. 13
12:00 NHL Live
4:00 NHL Power Play
8:00 NHL On the Fly Playoff Preview: West
9:00 2010 NHL Draft Lottery

Wednesday, Apr. 14
12:00 NHL Live
4:00 NHL Power Play
8:00 NHL On the Fly

Thursday, Apr. 15
12:00 NHL Live
4:00 NHL Power Play
8:00 NHL On the Fly

Friday, Apr. 16
12:00 NHL Live
4:00 NHL Power Play
8:00 NHL On the Fly

Saturday, Apr. 17
8:00 NHL On the Fly

Sunday, Apr. 18
8:00 NHL On the Fly 


NHL HQ Coverage of Stanley Cup Playoffs

TORONTO (April 9, 2010) – From the drop of the puck in October, memorable moments, incredible highlights and surprising storylines from the 2009-10 season have been written in NHL® history books — with more certain to come from the games that remain through Sunday night.  With that final whistle comes the anticipation of the most exciting time of the year — the Stanley Cup® Playoffs.  Today, the NHL announced its comprehensive 2010 Stanley Cup Playoff plans for NHL Network™, NHL.com andNHL Radio™.

The NHL’s media platforms will have all angles covered when the NHL’s post-season begins on Wednesday, April 14.  Pre- and post-game reports, real-time reporting from inside the NHL’s video room, expert analysis, feature interviews and live press conferences will enable fans to follow and get inside every playoff match-up.

As the 2009-10 regular season draws to a close Sunday night, NHL Network’s signature nightly program,On The Fly™, will be on the air immediately following the conclusion of the Penguins vs. Islanders game (5 p.m. ET start).  NHL Network analysts Gary Green and Denis Potvin will provide a complete season wrap-up, highlight the day’s games and discuss the match-ups for the conference quarter-finals.

NHL Network also will present a comprehensive breakdown of the 2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs — including player and team features, predictions and analysis — with special, one-hour shows that preview the Eastern Conference on Monday, April 12, and the Western Conference on Tuesday, April 13, at 8 p.m. ET.  The shows will be hosted by Brian Duff and Dan Pollard and feature analysts Gary Green and former NHL player Mike Johnson, as well as other experts from around the League.

The 2010 LG NHL Draft Lottery, a weighted system to determine the order of selection for the first 14 picks of the 2010 NHL Entry Draft, will take place Tuesday, April 13, at 8 p.m. ET.  The 30-minute program will be broadcast by TSN in Canada and simulcast on VERSUS and streamed live on NHL.com in the U.S.

NHL.com will provide extensive coverage of the blood, sweat and tears of playoff hockey from day one of the postseason until the Stanley Cup has been won.  In addition to their reporting from game and practice sites, NHL.com reporters will take fans inside the League’s video room with real-time video review explanations from the NHL’s Hockey Operations headquarters in Toronto.  The NHL.com team of writers also will make playoff predictions and provide in-depth reporting about playoff leaders and team rosters.

On Wednesday, April 14, NHL.com will premiere the Blackberry All-Access Pre Game Show, a playoff game-day web show that will air every day through the Stanley Cup Final on which a playoff game is played.

From her post at the NHL Powered by Reebok Store in New York City, host Deb Placey will take viewers on a virtual tour of the playoff markets — including remote reports from writers and broadcasters at team practices, insider features, interviews with special guests and a break-down of all the need-to-know game day facts and figures.  The show, published on NHL.com on the afternoon of each game day, will feature Blackberry product integration through live reports sent via Blackberry Messenger (BBM) from correspondents onsite at team venues. Viewers also will have the opportunity to gain access to exclusive content, get the insider “tip of the day” and receive breaking news through BBM by adding Stanley10 to their list of friends on their Blackberry smartphones.

NHL Live!, the NHL’s daily radio show — broadcast live on Sirius XM Radio, streamed on NHL.com and simulcast on NHL Network weekdays from noon – 2 p.m. ET — will continue to provide listeners the most up-to-date playoff information as teams prepare for their evening match-ups.  Guest analysts and NHL coaches and players will join the NHL Live! team.

And every Thursday throughout the playoffs in the regular 6 – 7 p.m. ET time slot, the Commissioner will host his weekly radio show, NHL Hour with Commissioner Gary Bettman.

Broadcast News: The Last Segment of the Year

Current Matchups


#8 Philadelphia vs. #1 Washington
#7 Montreal vs. #2 New Jersey
#6 Boston vs. #3 Buffalo
#5 Ottawa vs. #4 Pittsburgh


#8 Colorado vs. #1 San Jose
#7 Nashville vs. #2 Chicago
#6 Detroit vs. #3 Vancouver
#5 Los Angeles vs. #4 Phoenix

Canadian Networks Draft

#1 (CBC): Detroit vs. Vancouver
#2 (CBC): Ottawa vs. Pittsburgh
#3 (TSN): New Jersey vs. Montreal
#4 (CBC): Los Angeles vs. Phoenix
#5 (TSN): Philadelphia vs. Washington
#6 (CBC): Colorado vs. San Jose
#7-8 (TSN): Nashville vs. Chicago and Boston vs. Buffalo

I still think the CBC wants Sid the Kid vs. a Canadian team over Montreal.  We can all debate this for days and days and days, but it comes down to this: The Kid is officially Canada’s biggest hockey star in a generation after the Olympic games.  You don’t pass up on a chance to televise his games, it’s that simple really.

Another pickle that CBC has itself in is with the Detroit-Vancouver series.  Since it alternates timeslots due to the time zone change, CBC would need another alternating series to pair it with.  There really isn’t one.  Phoenix-LA is the closest to it though, since the games in Phoenix could start at 8PM and the ones in Vancouver could go as late as 10:30.  Expect that to maybe happen and then Ottawa-Pittsburgh and Colorado-San Jose the other night.

NBC: Washington-Philadelphia and Buffalo-Boston.  Possibly Vancouver-Detroit, as GM Place’s scheduling necessitates it be a Wednesday-Friday series, therefore allowing a Game 3 to be on Sunday.  NBC has televised Edmonton-Detroit and Calgary-Detroit before, no reason to think they wouldn’t take Vancouver-Detroit.  More I think of it, more I see it as likely.  But if NBC plays it safe, it’ll be with those two Eastern series.

VERSUS: Lots of Washington/Philly and Buffalo/Boston in the 7PM slot, with maybe a pinch of Pittsburgh/Ottawa thrown in.  Either Colorado/San Joe or LA/Phoenix will be the west coast, VERSUS produced series, and CBC telecasts of Detroit/Vancouver out west will alternate.  The available VERSUS announcers are the same as Wednesday.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this segment.  It’s sparked some good talk and debate all season long.  I hope to bring it back next year.  See ya’ Sunday!

So You Want to Know What Nights Your Team’s Playoff Series Will Be?

Here are a few easy steps, as I’ve gotten some inquiries (By the way, Broadcast News returns at Noon).  I’m going to use a potential Nashville-Vancouver series as an example for all of these:

  1. Check the arena’s event schedule as an easy reminder of when a home game cannot be played.  For example, Nashville could be playing Vancouver in Round 1, wherein the Canucks would have home-ice advantage.  Hockey Night in Canada would prefer the series play April 15th and 17th, so they could get a Thursday-Saturday rotation and the prime Hockey Night in Canada slot.  However, the Harlem Globetrotters have a show at GM Place on Saturday, April 17th, so that’s out unless there can be a rescheduling.  Right now, it looks like that series will go 4/15-4/17 in Vancouver, and 4/20-4/22 (or 4/19) in Nashville, as there are events at Bridgestone Arena on the 21st and 23rd.  Then the series would go back for the Saturday night CBC wants on the 24th, with a game six in Nashville the 26th and game seven in Vancouver the 28th.
  2. TV TV TV.  NBC and CBC in particular, will get what they want when it comes to scheduling.  Think a Thursday-Saturday series would make most sense for your team’s series?  Not if NBC wants a Sunday game.  The three-day off sequence shows up in between Games 1 & 2.  Similarly, want a Game 1/2 Wednesday-Friday?  CBC could just as easily ask for Wednesday-Saturday if that’s what fits them.  The TV networks always win.
  3. Common Sense. Above all, just picking a Wednesday/Thursday and then skipping a day in between games.

Hope this helped.  We’ll know everything on Sunday night!

Pens/Caps Does Okay Numbers For VERSUS

From Sports Media Watch via PiFeedback.com:

Versus drew 417,000 viewers for the Capitals’ win over the Penguins on Tuesday night. The game ranked as the #95 cable program of the night in total viewers and tied as the #94 program among adults 18-49 (0.1).

Overall, not bad numbers, but not close to the 622,000 for Red Wings-Pens.  There was more competition, with a lot more NHL markets in action on Tuesday, so let’s chalk it up to that.

VERSUS To Use Daily Line as Lead-in to Stanley Cup Playoffs Instead of Hockey Central

According to VERSUS.com’s listings page, the NHL Stanley Cup Quarterfinals will begin at 7PM on VERSUS on April 14th, right before the typically scheduled “The Daily Line”, instead of Hockey Central, which typically serves as the opening night of the playoff’s set-up.

I’m not sure I’m so crazy about this.  Of course, there could be changes made.  VERSUS could air a game at 7:30 instead of 7, or even 8, or VERSUS could just change schedule.  But I think a half-hour Daily Line going into a half-hour of Hockey Central would get more folks to watch both shows.  Then again, the Stanley Cup Playoffs is VERSUS’ biggest “event” programming, and the boost of people remembering where VERSUS is when the post-season begins could be too big to sacrifice the potential Daily Line audience.

That said, I’m sure any Daily Line episode airing into the Stanley Cup Playoffs would certainly be hockey heavy.  In case you’re curious, there’ll be a review of “The Daily Line”, as I plan to watch a full week of shows via DVR, on Monday.