From the “We’re Running Low on Materials” File: Here’s Peter Brady At a MILWAUKEE Admirals Game

Courtesy of his wife, whom I forget the reason she’s famous for, on Twitter.


More on HBO’s Broad Street Bullies Doc

From the Philadelphia Flyers Website:

The HBO Sports documentary Broad Street Bullies, a look at one of pro sports’ most polarizing teams, the legendary Philadelphia Flyers Stanley Cup championship squads of the 1970s, debuts on Tuesday, May 4 at 10 p.m. This exclusive presentation will tell the backstories of these engaging and colorful athletes, who won back-to-back Stanley Cups in 1974 and 1975 with a bold, aggressive style that sparked controversy and criticism.

“HBO’s Broad Street Bullies is an excellent and well-produced documentary that portrays the evolution of the Philadelphia Flyers,” said Comcast-Spectacor chairman and Flyers founder Ed Snider. “It brings back many wonderful memories for me, and it uncovers some new insights into the great story of our two Stanley Cup Championship teams. We are truly honored that this part of Philadelphia Flyers history will be seen nationally on HBO. I want to personally thank producer George Roy and his talented team for this historical tribute to the Flyers.”

“This film explores how a group of characters, who also happened to be an extraordinarily talented collection of hockey players that enjoyed contact on the ice, formed one of the most prominent and controversial teams in pro sports history,” says Ross Greenburg, president, HBO Sports. “We are going to re-trace the steps that led to the love affair between the city and the team, and show how to this day these players are revered in Philadelphia and despised elsewhere.”

Funny Enough, Gary Bettman Does Have Big Plans For Future NHL TV Deal

From David Shoalts of The Globe & Mail:

Through it all, the sources said, the pitch from Bettman was that all of the NHL’s U.S. television contracts are up in June, 2011. The current deals with Versus and NBC bring in about $75-million (U.S.) per year, combined. But, the sources said, prospective owners have been told the new contracts, presumably cashing in on the NHL’s exposure through the Olympics in part, could bring in more than double that, and when added with the money from the Canadian networks, there could be as much as $500-million for the league and its 30 teams to split up.

Some Rare Fail From Last Night

Ryan Classic’s the man for finding this.

We Don’t Have An April Fools Joke, So Here’s Some Music

NHL Expected to Sign 10-Year Extension With VERSUS, Develop Nightly Hockey Show For 2010-11

According to three separate sources, this has been confirmed to us.

More details from our sources after the jump.

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