Your Announcers and Open Thread For Night Eight of the 2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs

Washington vs. Montreal, Game 4 (WSH Leads 2-1), 7:00 PM ET

National TV (Canada): TSN (HD)
Play by Play: Gord Miller
Color: Pierre McGuire

Regional TV (Washington): CSN Mid-Atlantic (HD)
Play by Play: Joe Beninati
Color: Craig Laughlin
Reporter: Al Koken

Buffalo vs. Boston, Game 4 (BOS Leads 2-1), 7:00 PM ET

National TV (US): VERSUS (HD)
Play by Play: Sam Rosen
Color: Billy Jaffe
Reporter: Bob Harwood

National TV (Canada): CBC (HD)
Play by Play: Dean Brown
Color: Greg Millen
Reporter: Cassie Campbell

Regional TV (Buffalo): MSG (HD)
Play by Play: Rick Jeanneret
Color: Harry Neale

Regional TV (Boston): NESN (HD)
Play by Play: Jack Edwards
Color: Andy Brickley
Reporter: Naoko Funayama

Vancouver vs. Los Angeles, Game 4 (LA Leads 2-1), 10:00 PM ET

National TV (US): VERSUS (HD)
Play by Play: Rick Peckham
Color: Daryl Reaugh
Reporter: Lindsay Soto

National TV (Canada): CBC (HD)
Play by Play: Jim Hughson
Color: Craig Simpson
Reporter: Scott Oake

Regional TV (Los Angeles): FS West (HD)
Play by Play: Bob Miller
Color: Jim Fox
Reporters: Patrick O’Neal and Heidi Androl


How the NHL Matches Up Locally to Other Sports, Market-by-Market

Paulsen at Sports Media Watch really kills with this post.  Read all of it here.  Here’s the featured part:

In 20 markets where at least two of the leagues were represented, Major League Baseball teams averaged the highest rating 16 times. NBA and NHL teams were the highest rated in two markets each (NBA: Los Angeles and Cleveland, NHL: Pittsburgh and Washington, D.C.).

Isolating the NBA and NHL, hockey teams topped their basketball counterparts in five markets: Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Detroit and Minneapolis. The NBA topped the NHL in nine markets: New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, the Bay Area, Boston, Atlanta, Phoenix, Denver and Miami.

Local Ratings Remain Fire Hot in Canada

From The Star and “Mr. Ugly” Chris Zelkovich again:

Its regional ratings on Rogers Sportsnet Ontario rose to an average of 656,400 per game, a 106 per cent increase over last year. Only the Ottawa Senators’ 111 per cent increase was better, though the Sens’ improvement at least provided some logic for its 153,000 average.

Hockey Night in Canada’s early game, which usually put the Leafs in the national spotlight, averaged a record 1.8 million viewers — a 45.9 per cent increase over last season.

Over on TSN, NHL audiences for games involving Canadian-based teams averaged 714,000, a 66.4 per cent increase over last season.

I don’t have total numbers for each team, but the Sens being at 153,000 confirms it.

Canadian Playoff Audiences Over the Weekend

From Chris Zelkovich of the Toronto Star:

1. NHL, Kings at Canucks, Saturday, CBC: 2,135,000

2. NHL, Canadiens at Capitals, Saturday, TSN: 2,100,000

3. NHL, Senators at Penguins, Friday, CBC: 1,912,000

4. NHL, Penguins at Senators, Sunday, CBC: 1,690,000

5. NHL, Red Wings at Coyotes, Friday, TSN: 877,000

6. NHL, Coyotes at Red Wings, Sunday, TSN: 829,000*

7. NHL, Predators at Blackhawks, Sunday, TSN: 815,000

8. NHL, Devils at Flyers, Sunday, TSN: 788,000

9. NHL, Avalanche at Sharks, Friday, CBC: 784,000

10. NHL, Bruins at Sabres, Saturday, CBC: 722,000*

11. NHL, Sharks at Avalanche, Sunday, CBC: 708,000

12. NHL, Flyers at Devils, Friday, TSN: 599,000

Your Morning Music Breakdown

Haven’t done these much lately.  Canadian-heavy in the morning, try to do something for the yanks in the afternoon.  Enjoy the day.