Your Announcers and Open Thread For Capitals/Penguins

Washington vs. Pittsburgh, 7:30PM, VERSUS
Play by Play:
Joe Beninati
Color: Eddie Olczyk
Reporter: Charissa Thompson

Colorado vs. Vancouver, 10:00PM, VERSUS
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Broadcast News: Can Any Potential Blockbuster Series Develop Before Sunday?

Because the Boston Bruins had the nerve to go out and play last night and not change their seeding in any way, Broadcast News wouldn’t have any new content if I posted it.  However, I did plan to do something today in this spot, so I fulfill it to you.  Here are matchups that can still happen in Round 1 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and why they would be great for the league.


Currently Available:

Philadelphia vs. Washington
Why it’s Marquee:
It’s a rematch of a series from two years ago.  The Caps continue to somehow get hotter in The District.  The Flyers remain in the regular Philadelphia sports conversation.  With there now being a precedent for actual playoff success in the city, the Flyers will be looked upon to try and win a round, but it’ll be difficult with their goaltending.  Of course, Washington’s could falter just as badly, meaning this could be a surprisingly long series.

Potentially Happening:

Atlanta vs. Washington
Why It’d Be Marquee:
The NHL eventually needs two of these Southeast Division teams to face each other in the playoffs.  It hasn’t happened since 2003 when the Lightning knocked off the Capitals.  Playoff meetings build rivalries.  If the NHL wants the Southeast to become more legit, this needs to happen.

Montreal vs. New Jersey
Why It’d Be Marquee:
Marty Brodeur always comes to play in his native Montreal, and the media loves it as a storyline whenever the Devs travel up.

Atlanta vs. New Jersey
Why It’d Be Marquee:
This could potentially, perhaps ironically, be destroyed if the Devils defeated the Thrashers tonight, but how bizarre would it be to see Kovy vs. Blueland?

Philadelphia vs. Pittsburgh
Why It’d Be Marquee:
A third potential Flyers-Pens series?  It has shown itself to be a blockbuster, drawing some of the biggest non-final ratings of the 2009 Playoffs.

Montreal vs. Pittsburgh
Why It’d Be Marquee:
Sid the Kid in Montreal has the same “Superstar coming to town” that Brodeur has on a 1000x larger scale with Sid now being Canada’s hero.


Currently Available:

Los Angeles vs. Chicago
Why It’s Marquee:
It’s the #2 and #3 TV markets in the USA.  One is just barely getting reacquainted with it’s hockey team for the first time, really, since Gretzky left.  One is in the midst of full-fledged hockey fever, a revival led on the backs of two young stars, with a mercenary named Hossa brought in to bring them over the top.  But with the talent level the way it is in the West, it could be very competitive.

Detroit vs. Vancouver
Why It’s Marquee:
The upstart Red Wings?  After struggling nearly three-quarters of the season, the two-time defending Western Conference champs are absolutely upset ready.  The Canucks are going to be the biggest Canadian NHL market in the tournament.  Expect the series to get big play in Canada, and big numbers if it goes on awhile.

Nashville vs. Phoenix
Why It’s Marquee:
It’s the NHL’s two biggest and best survival stories.  Teams in markets that are foreign to the sport, that have had attempted take-aways to Canadian markets.  The games won’t do a thing on TV, but it’ll make for the best story of the Conference Quarters.

Potentially Happening

Los Angeles vs. San Jose
Why It’d Be Marquee:
Much like a Southeast Division series, the California teams need to start meeting in the post-season to become better rivalries.  Everyone will be watching this as an upset special anyway.

Detroit vs. Chicago
Why It’d Be Marquee:
Like Philly-Pittsburgh, it draws big ratings.  Plus, Red Wings-Blackhawks rematch with the Hawks getting home ice?  It’s intrigue.

Detroit vs. Phoenix
Why It’d Be Marquee:
Uh oh, the Coyotes feel good story could get completely derailed by a Wings team with a chip on it’s shoulder.  Ratings and attendance in Phoenix would be awesome with all the transplants.


Morning Music Breakdown

Damned Bruins ruined any chance I might have at doing anything new for the Broadcast News segment.  So, I’ll try a little different approach in that slot.

Also, I’ll hopefully get local ratings for Flyers/Red Wings, and maybe some other good stuff?  Yeah, maybe.  Enjoy the day.