Something Mike Milbury Is Quite Good At, and Other Observations From These Playoffs

Some things I’ve noted from just watching hockey coverage this first six nights:

  • Twitter, Facebook and an entire hockey blogosphere exist and yet, aside from Pro Hockey Talk, Brian freaking Engblom on VERSUS, a network that never has anything interesting to say about anything, is the first person to come out and openly defend Dan Boyle and criticize Evgeni Nabokov for, you know, not doing his job and stopping the puck?!?!?! (run-on sentence fun!)  It’s easy to criticize Boyle, but isn’t it even easier to criticize Nabakov, who’s been piss poor at best in the first three games of the Sharks-Avs series?  Cheers to the analyst who thinks it’s still 1986 for getting one right on the nose.
  • Watched all of Sunday’s Phoenix-Detroit broadcast, and noticed something that I must admit will take some pride-swallowing: Mike Milbury is probably better at the “inside the glass” job on NBC than anyone I’ve seen try the position.  He’s not very talkative, when he says something, it’s exclusively him talking about something that only he can see/hear from his position and (gasp!) he almost never injects his opinion in the position.  For a guy who’s only done this a couple times, I’d say he deserves a couple more shots.
  • I hate to beat a dead horse, but Daryl Reaugh is just the best analyst working right now.  Rick Peckham and he for the second consecutive year make up a solid team that likely isn’t getting as many eyeballs as the early games.  Hopefully enough of you stay up late to hear Peckham’s smooth, evenhanded calls and Reaugh’s whimsy, vocabulary aerobics and when necessary, actual tough analysis.  It’s what more hockey pundits could use these days.

5 Responses to Something Mike Milbury Is Quite Good At, and Other Observations From These Playoffs

  1. Ditto on the praise for the Razor, Steve. Reaugh makes watching hockey fun. He loves the game but doesn’t take it TOO seriously.

    And let’s face it, he lucked out on being able to call the Vancouver/LA series. It’s a heckuva battle with plenty to discuss.

  2. Stacey Ross says:

    Anybody know whether or not Ralph Strangis was asked to perform any post-season duties? I think it would be great to hear Ralph and Razor continue their awesome chemistry into the tournament. I like Peckham just fine but Strangis has a level of camaraderie with Strangis that adds even further to the experience, in my opinion.

  3. nosferatu says:

    Nabokov hasn’t really been that bad. Game 2, sure, but he was actually quite good in Game 3 (you can’t absolve him of blame on the own-goal, but he made some great stops in the 1st and 2nd to keep it scoreless–hard when you’re facing so few pucks).

    But I don’t blame people for seeing it this way, because it’s so easy to pile on Nabokov (especially when compared directly to Hiller and now Anderson) and how much of this series has actually been on national TV? A couple periods worth?

  4. E says:

    I would really like to see Jeremy Roenick replace Ed Olyzck in the NBC booth as an analyst. Olyzck is really boring. I think Roenick definitely adds more to the telecast.

  5. Joe says:

    I had read that Roenick was signed by TSN. Since I can’t see the games here I dont know if he is signed with them. I also disagree about replacing Olyzck – far from boring he provides great analysis. ALso I agree Milbuty was good and should be given more chances for this.

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