VERSUS To Use Daily Line as Lead-in to Stanley Cup Playoffs Instead of Hockey Central

According to’s listings page, the NHL Stanley Cup Quarterfinals will begin at 7PM on VERSUS on April 14th, right before the typically scheduled “The Daily Line”, instead of Hockey Central, which typically serves as the opening night of the playoff’s set-up.

I’m not sure I’m so crazy about this.  Of course, there could be changes made.  VERSUS could air a game at 7:30 instead of 7, or even 8, or VERSUS could just change schedule.  But I think a half-hour Daily Line going into a half-hour of Hockey Central would get more folks to watch both shows.  Then again, the Stanley Cup Playoffs is VERSUS’ biggest “event” programming, and the boost of people remembering where VERSUS is when the post-season begins could be too big to sacrifice the potential Daily Line audience.

That said, I’m sure any Daily Line episode airing into the Stanley Cup Playoffs would certainly be hockey heavy.  In case you’re curious, there’ll be a review of “The Daily Line”, as I plan to watch a full week of shows via DVR, on Monday.

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