Stunner: Hockey Popular in Canada

CBC’S HOCKEY NIGHT IN CANADA continues its record setting 2011 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs with an average Round Three audience of 3.007 million — making it CBC’s highest-rated Conference Finals ever* — with viewership up 24% over last year’s series.

Game Five of the Vancouver-San Jose series was the highest rated game of Round Three with an average audience of 4.003 million**, making it the second highest rated Round Three game since 1993’s Game Seven between Toronto and Los Angeles which drew 4.269 million viewers.

* Based on metered television audience data only.

** Source: 2011 television audiences are BBM overnight, A2+ (PPM measurement).



5 Responses to Stunner: Hockey Popular in Canada

  1. kevin says:

    Everyone is watching the Canucks….not to see them win but to see them lose! You can’t tell me a Habs fan or Leafs fan wants Vancouver to win. No way!

  2. kevin says:

    Well, it is as close as any team in Canada is going to get….its not like Winnipeg is going to win EVER

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