It is Time For Ron vs. Gary: The Primetime Special

So we all saw the video from Wednesday night.  It was horrifying.  It was awkward.  It was excruciating.  It was cringe-worthy.  It was quotable.

It was… in a sentence, all the things that make television a wonderful medium.

If you don’t what I’m referring to yet, I’m talking about NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman’s semi-annual summit with Hockey Night in Canada host/Hero Ron MacLean.  They duke it out on Hockey Night at least twice a season, and it never ceases to be confrontational, trashy, uncomfortable, and above all things entertaining.  It was almost as good as the amazing game both the Flyers and Blackhawks put on Wednesday night.

So why not take that and make it a program?  The CBC needs to cash in on the buzz of the Gary/Ron battle royales and do an hour-long primetime special.  Do it just before the season, do it just after the season.  Put Bettman and MacLean in a studio, with an audience watching.  Have Elliotte Friedman set up as the referee, and let them just hash it out.  Give MacLean 30 minutes to bring up whatever he wants to bring up with Bettman, and give Bettman the last half hour to take on his newfound love of criticizing MacLean’s broadcasting abilities and siding with the players.

This seems doable, doesn’t it?  It’ll never air in America, because we can’t even get the Don Cherry movie or that show where skaters and former NHLers do figure skating, but it’ll live on in YouTube fame forever, and that is all that really matters.


3 Responses to It is Time For Ron vs. Gary: The Primetime Special

  1. Rhett says:

    About it not airing in the U.S., I disagree. The NHL Network would be a PERFECT medium for something like this…….

  2. Chris S says:

    Do they still do Celebrity Deathmatch on MTV? If not, CBC should acquire the naming rights for a special MacLean vs. Bettman fight! There’s plenty of hockey-less Saturday nights during the summer to show it, or if Bettman likes, it could air at 3pm to simulcast on NBC!

  3. Gumper says:

    I love the idea. Although the NHL: Network would be a perfect medium, my sense is that the networks down here in the US want to monopolize their programming and prevent us from seeing it. If you got NBC involved then they’d want their announcers too. What really makes it is this pairing.

    One thing to make it interesting. Allow viewers to vote on who is winning the battle minute by minute, and or the biggest weasel. You can show a graph at the bottom of the screen. Or how about show a truthometer and fans vote too see how thruthful they feel Bettman’s answer is. My guess is that the meter would be broken by the end of the night from being overworked (or permanently pinned in the negative direction from being overworked)

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