Pierre McGuire’s Interviews Post-Cup

Q. You’ve done so many things in your career. World Junior, Olympic gold, now this. What do you have to say?

JONATHAN TOEWS: Oh my God. It’s like that commercial. I’m speechless. This team put on one heck of a run. We knew from day one of this season we had the potential to do it. And to realize our goal, it’s an amazing feeling.

Q. To come back, they tie in the third period. Obviously, you have to go to the overtime. Have you ever seen a celebration after a goal that Patrick Kane just scored to end the series?

JONATHAN TOEWS: You don’t predict something like that. It was just hoping to God it was an actual goal or we would be celebrating for nothing. That would take a lot of heart out of it, but they came back hard in the third and we stuck with it. An incredible feeling.

Q. What did you gentlemen say in the dressing room before you came out for overtime?

JONATHAN TOEWS: We just said someone has to get that feeling. Someone has to be the hero. Having it be Kaner he’s been awesome all series. Didn’t matter who got the goal.

Q. You haven’t won the Stanley Cup in Chicago for 49 years. 1961. Can you imagine the parade?

JONATHAN TOEWS: There’s so many great things about winning a Stanley Cup. This is it.

This is the best feeling you can ever get playing hockey, and I just can’t believe it’s happening.

Q. University of North Dakota. All kinds of fun when you were a kid growing up in Winnipeg. There’s Minnesota. Did you ever think?

JONATHAN TOEWS: No idea. No idea. This is amazing. This group of guys makes it even more special. A city like Chicago. We would have liked to do it in front of our own fans. We’ll take it anyway we can.

Q. Congratulations, Jonathan. Way to go.

Q. You gave your teeth to win the Stanley Cup.

DUNCAN KEITH: I always missed a lot of teeth. I just think everybody on our team sacrificed. A huge team effort, especially tonight.

Q. This is such a tough building to play in. When it was 2-2, how did you guys get the momentum going?

DUNCAN KEITH: I just thought we were skating the whole time. And I thought even from the start at first we were playing well. They had a power-play and they got kind of a good bounce there in the second goal.

I thought we were skating the whole time. Give them credit. They came hard in the third and tied it up.

Q. You are a kid from British Columbia. There are a lot of mountains there. You’re on top of the mountain right now. What’s the view like?

DUNCAN KEITH: It feels pretty good. I don’t even know how to explain it. It gives me chills thinking about it with our fans up there.

Q. You’re what’s great about the National Hockey League, Duncan Keith. Thank you so much. Your career is going to be splendid.

DUNCAN KEITH: Thank you. Appreciate it.

Q. Are you the only person in this building that thought that puck went in?

PATRICK KANE: I knew it right away. It was stuck behind the meshing there. Got a shot out to my people back in Buffalo. My hometown. I have four buddies who drove all the way to come out here. My five family members. Three sisters, three beautiful sisters. My mom and dad. What a feeling. I can’t believe it. It’s unbelievable. We just won the Stanley Cup.

Q. The rebirth of the Chicago Blackhawks started with you and Jonathan Toews. Did you think you would get to the top of the mountain this quickly?

PATRICK KANE: I can’t believe this just happened. It’s something you dream of as a kid. To score the winning goal in the Stanley Cup Finals. It was just — it was unbelievable.

Q. How heavy did the Cup feel?

MARIAN HOSSA: It feels pretty heavy, actually. I put it on my shoulder. What a relief. I’m so happy to finally do this.

Q. Were you concerned at all after they tied the game late in the third period that this wasn’t going to end the way you wanted to tonight?

MARIAN HOSSA: It was a disappointing moment. But we knew it was 3-3. Lots of hockey left. We could have just put our heads down. We have to work and we knew we could do it.

Q. What‘s going on in Checkoslovakia?

MARIAN HOSSA: I’m sure everybody is celebrating. There’s going to be a huge party.

Q. Did you make the right decision coming to Chicago?

MARIAN HOSSA: Definitely.

Q. Marian, congratulations. It’s been an unbelievably difficult wait and you deserve it. Way to go.

MARIAN HOSSA: Thank you. Appreciate it.

Q: You did this as an assistant. You never did it as head coach. Any difference?

COACH QUENNEVILLE: It’s a great feeling. Once you do it once you can’t wait to do it again. Very comparable but this series was very competitive. My hats off to Philly. They were competitive. Giving up a late goal. Great going into overtime. Hey, the building is as good as it will ever get.

Q. The Patrick Kane goal, when did you know it was in?

COACH QUENNEVILLE: I heard the sound. It was a funny sound. Nobody knew where the puck was. Kaner thought it was in. Video guy came out, he knew it was in the net. And I think the guys knew. That’s why they celebrated. I didn’t know for sure when I saw the net lift and I saw the puck in the back, I said okay, the party is on.

Q. What did you say to the team to calm them down after the late goal in regulation to tie it up?

COACH QUENNEVILLE: You know what, Philly kept coming. The building was loud late in the game in the third. Trying to settle down, time out. These guys you don’t have to say too much. The leadership in the goal, always wanted it and their focus was in the right place. Overtime was pretty hectic as well.

Q. What was the swing moment in the series for you and the coaching staff?

COACH QUENNEVILLE: I thought losing Game 3 in overtime got our attention. And Game 4 we gave up some uncharacteristic goals. Guys battled back. I thought the last two games were the two best games of the whole playoffs.

Q. People wondered about the goaltending going into the season. Any question about Antti Niemi?

COACH QUENNEVILLE: He’s the real deal. Great save on Carter in the dying minutes of the third period. He played so many big games for us. What a big Game 2 in Chicago for us.

Q. What kind of parade will it be?

COACH QUENNEVILLE: The party is going to be unbelievable.


Blackhawks Championship Gear Available Now, There May Be a Contest For the DVDs (Blu-ray Too!)

NEW YORK (June 9, 2010) – Official 2010 Stanley Cup® Championship locker room merchandise – the same as worn by members of the champion Chicago Blackhawks® during tonight’s post-game on-ice ceremonies – is currently on sale in the Blackhawks team stores, online at shop.NHL.com and at the NHL® Powered by Reebok store in midtown New York City. Major sporting goods retailers in Chicago, including Champs Sports, Dick’s Sporting Goods, FansEdge, JC Penney, Lids and Sports Authority, will carry the merchandise as early as hours after the conclusion of Game 6.

The official 2010 Stanley Cup Championship locker room hat, produced by New Era, features an oversized, raised Stanley Cup Champions embroidered logo on the front panel with a rear Stanley Cup patch, white cotton twill front panels and a graphite mesh flex fitted back.

The official 2010 Stanley Cup Locker Championship locker room t-shirt, produced by Majestic Athletic, a division of VF Imagewear, is made of durable, breathable cotton. The graphite, short-sleeve t-shirt features the Stanley Cup trophy graphic screen-printed on the chest, along with the NHL Shield and the Blackhawks and Stanley Cup Final logos.

Blackhawks fans will be able to take part in the celebration with the official 2010 Stanley Cup Celebration on Ice and Locker Room Champions collection, which includes champagne buckets, pennants, flags, and banners, all produced by WinCraft Sports. McArthur Towel will offer the official 2010 Stanley Cup Locker Room Towel. All Celebration on Ice and Locker Room Champions items will feature the official 2010 Stanley Cup Champions trophy graphic and the Blackhawks team logo.

The 2010 Stanley Cup Championship Book (Fenn Publishing) will be available the week of June 21 at Borders bookstores in Chicago and online at shop.NHL.com and Amazon.com. A perfect gift for every Blackhawks fan, this 160-page full color keepsake is filled with player bios, statistics, team history, regular season recap, tons of carefully selected photos and provides game analysis for every post season contest.

On July 20, Warner Home Video (WHV) and the NHL will release the 2010 Stanley Cup Champions on DVD and Blu-ray. The DVD and Blu-ray will include full coverage of the Blackhawks’ championship season, including behind-the-scenes action. This title marks the NHL’s first foray into Blu-ray.

Your Announcers and Open Thread For the 42nd, and Potentially Final Night of the 2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs

Chicago vs. Philadelphia, Game 6 (CHI Leads 3-2), 8:00 PM ET

National TV (US): NBC (HD)
Play by Play: Mike Emrick
Color: Eddie Olczyk
Inside the Glass: Pierre McGuire
Reporter: Dan Patrick

National TV (Canada): CBC (HD)
Play by Play: Jim Hughson
Color: Craig Simpson
Inside the Glass: Glenn Healy
Reporters: Scott Oake and Elliotte Friedman

National TV (Canada-French): RDS (HD)
Play by Play: Pierre Houde
Color: Benoit Brunet

International TV: NHL International (HD)
Play by Play: Dave Strader
Color: Joe Micheletti

Stanley Cup Viewers at Highest Level in 8 Years

NEW YORK (June 9, 2010) –Heading into tonight’s crucial Game 6, the 2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs and Final have been a success by every measure with landmark TV ratings nationally and locally, huge gains across all digital platforms and growth in non-traditional markets. That success has been mirrored with impressive results for NHL merchandise sales and a new playoff attendance mark being set.


Overall through five Stanley Cup Final games, VERSUS and NBC are averaged 4.6 million viewers per game, up 10 percent from last year (4.1 million) and the most since ABC/ESPN averaged 5.1 million viewers for the first five games in 2002.

NBC averaged a 3.0 household rating and 5.4 million viewers per broadcast for their first three games of this year’s Final, up 15 percent and 14 percent respectively from last year’s three-game average of a 2.6 and 4.7 million viewers. The three-game average viewership on NBC is the most for a broadcast network since ABC averaged 5.8 million viewers for three broadcasts in 2002.

Through five games, the Stanley Cup Final on CBC is averaging 2.935 million viewers up 64 percent over last year (1.793 million).


Top NHL Market Rating Increases (NBC/VERSUS)

1. Chicago – + 843%

2. Philadelphia – + 457%

3. Denver – + 44%

4. Buffalo – + 35%

T5. Phoenix – + 25%

T5. San Francisco – + 25%

Top Non NHL Market Rating Increases (NBC/VERSUS)

1. Kansas City – + 80%

2. Greenville – + 75%

3. Salt Lake City – + 67%

4. San Diego – + 64%

5. Seattle – + 56%

6. New Orleans – + 50%


Top NHL Market Rating Increases (NBC/VERSUS)

1. Chicago – + 183%

2. Philadelphia – + 138%

3. San Francisco – + 57%

4. Buffalo – + 32%

5. Boston – + 25%

Top Non NHL Market Rating Increases (NBC/VERSUS)

1. San Diego – + 120%

T2. Louisville – + 100%

T2. San Antonio – + 100%

4. Providence – + 83%

5. Sacramento – + 75%


Top 20 U.S. Markets in Unique Visitors By Percentage Growth 2009-2010

Kansas City – + 165%

Boston – + 138%

Philadelphia – + 106%

Phoenix – + 98%

Chicago – + 89%

Denver – + 75%

Peoria – + 74%

T8. San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose – + 57%

T8. Nashville – + 57%

10. Sacramento – + 56%

11. Austin – + 52%

12. Milwaukee – + 48%

13. Seattle – + 46%

14. Spokane – + 42%

15. Portland (Maine) — + 39%

16. Los Angeles – + 38%

17. San Antonio – + 37%

T18. Buffalo — + 35%

T18. Little Rock — 3+ 5%

20. Portland (Ore.) — + 34%


In-arena merchandise sales for the first five games have already surpassed last year’s seven-game Final by 72 percent

In-arena sales volume for the first five games have shown a 128 percent increase over last year and a 84 percent increase over 2008


The NHL is engaging and connecting with more fans than ever on its digital platforms and the 2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs has continued that trend. Some highlights:

For the first 56 days of the playoffs, video starts on NHL.com are up 159 percent over last year

Unique visitors to NHL.com are up 28 percent

Page views are up 53 percent

Mobile page views are up 179 percent

April was the most trafficked month in the history of NHL.com in terms of unique visitors surpassing 17 million

NHL.com ranked as the number two site in terms of percentage change in unique visitors from March to April according to comScore.


NBC Sports’ coverage of Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Final earned the best overnight rating (4.1 rating and 7 share) for a Game 2 on record (NHL overnight data prior to 1975 is unavailable)

Canada also scored big for Game 1 of the Final with CBC equaling its best Game 1 audience since 1994 (3.16 million).

NBC’s two-game average overnight rating is a 3.5, the best for the first two games of a Stanley Cup Final in 11 years (3.8 on Fox in 1999, Buffalo vs. Dallas) and up 17 percent over last year (3.0).

Games 3 and 4 of the Stanley Cup Final on VERSUS averaged 3.369 million viewers making it the most-watched Final round on cable since 2002.

VERSUS’ coverage of the first two rounds of 2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs was the most-watched first two rounds on cable on record with an average of 775,000 viewers for the 54 telecasts (Stanley Cup Playoff cable viewership became available by Nielsen for the 1994 playoffs)

NBC and VERSUS have combined for the most-watched first two rounds since 1997 (ABC, ESPN, ESPN2)

Game 1 of the Blackhawks-Sharks series on NBC earned an 11.2 rating in Chicago, beating the Cubs, White Sox and Boston-Orlando broadcasts combined

On Thursday April 22, the Blackhawks, with 278,000 viewers in Chicago, prevailed over some tough local competition: Bulls (255,000 viewers, playoff game against Cleveland and LeBron James), NFL Draft (138,000) and the Chicago Cubs vs. NY Mets (137,000 viewers)

The Flyers Game 7 victory over the Bruins was the most watched Flyers game in Comcast SportsNet history with an 11.7 rating and 345,000 households, topping the previous record set two days earlier.

CBC’s coverage of Game 7 between the Montreal Canadiens and Pittsburgh Penguins drew an average audience of 4.24 million viewers, ranking as the sixth largest Stanley Cup Playoff audience in CBC history.

On French language RDS, the Canadiens-Penguins Game 7 was the most-viewed NHL telecast in the network’s history with 2.69 million viewers.

The game also scored on FSN Pittsburgh averaging a 26.4 HH rating, the highest-rated game ever on the network. At one point 43 percent of all households in the Pittsburgh DMA were tuned into FSN.

There were three major Boston-area sports events televised on May 7 and Game 4 of the Bruins-Flyers series scored the best numbers, earning an 8.3 local Nielsen rating (328,000 viewers) on Versus in the Boston metered market besting the Yankees-Red Sox matchup on NESN, which earned a 6.3 local rating (223,000 viewers) to finish in second, while Game Three of the Cavaliers-Celtics NBA Eastern Conference Semifinals earned a 4.1 local rating (142,000 viewers) on ESPN.

TSN’s audience of 2.8 million for the Washington-Montreal Game 7 was the highest audience ever recorded for an NHL game on TSN and was the most-watched program on Canadian television Wednesday night in all key demographics.

The Montreal-Washington series ranks as the most-watched playoff series ever on TSN (any round) with an average audience of 1.8 million viewers over seven games.


Corporate sponsorship was up 20 percent

New League partners this season include Geico, Starwood Hotels, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, LG Electronics and Hershey’s Canada

Ad spending on NHL® media increased by 37 percent over last season

NHL.com ad revenue is up 50 percent over last year

Revenue from big event platforms, led by the Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic®, are up 22 percent over last season

Unique visitors to NHL.com surpassed last year’s record by 32 percent

NHL Game Center Live™ subscriptions were up 25 percent

NHL Network subscribers have increased by 104 percent

Sales at SHOP.NHL.com were up 12 percent from last year’s record

Viewership for NBC’s Game of the Week telecasts were up 13 percent

Ratings for exclusive telecasts on Versus were up 20 percent

NHL Mobile™ reached 1.6 million page views, an increase of 233 percent over last season

Source: Nielsen Media Research US and Nielsen Media Research Canada / BBM

The NHL is Hot at The Right Time

From Jon Lafayette of Broadcasting & Cable:

Though some have complained that the NHL gets much less exposure on Versus than it did on ESPN, the incumbent rights holders have the inside track when talks begin, according to Bettman. “The fact is that whenever you have a relationship and it’s a good relationship, you always talk to your existing partners first,” he told B&C.

On the broadcast side, Bettman declined to say whether he’d be asking for a rights fee in the next round of negotiations. And Ken Schanzer, president of NBC Sports, also declined to say whether NBC is willing to pay one. But he did say the fact NBC isn’t paying a fee shouldn’t reflect on the NHL. “Hockey is a fabulous sport,” Schanzer said, adding that the network’s deal with the NBA in the 1990s called for both a rights fee and a revenue share.

Former CBS Sports president Neal Pilson said he expects the league to stick with its current TV outlets, unless someone shows up with a big rights fee and a schedule similar to NBC’s. “Versus will continue to offer the NHL more exposure and more money than ESPN,” Pilson said. “ESPN has so many other commitments, while the NHL is Versus’ flagship sport.” And with Comcast acquiring NBC, “I think they can generate more revenue together,” he added.

Hockey Day in the Yukon

Hockey fans, welcome to the Canadian frontier! CBC’S HOCKEY DAY IN CANADA will be heading to Whitehorse, Yukon for its 11th annual broadcast on Saturday, February 12. Host Ron MacLean will broadcast live from the territory capital for the first time, alongside the legendary Don Cherry.

The 13.5 hour wall-to-wall hockey celebration is an annual tradition featuring all six Canadian NHL teams in action across the country (match ups and times to be announced at a later date). CBC’S HOCKEY DAY IN CANADA will also be available live and on-demand at CBCSports.ca.

“Whitehorse will provide a stunning backdrop for our 11th edition of CBC’S HOCKEY DAY IN CANADA,” said Joel Darling, director of production for CBC Sports. “Hockey is a Canadian passion. Whitehorse and other communities across Canada’s north have fascinating hockey stories to tell, and we’re excited to be able to share those with Canadians across the country.”

“The Whitehorse community is excited about hosting this national event,” said Mayor Bev Buckway. “Offers of help have been streaming in, and the enthusiasm of our residents for CBC’s Hockey Day in Canada is evident.”

Whitehorse, YT, situated along the west bank of the Yukon River, boasts some of the most spectacular natural scenery in Canada. Surrounded by seemingly endless mountains and lakes, Whitehorse was first established as a trans-shipment point and centre for the Klondike Gold Rush of 1898. Today, Whitehorse is a cultural hub, embracing the city’s rich frontier town roots as well as its aboriginal heritage.

CBC’S HOCKEY DAY IN CANADA’S 11th annual broadcast on February 12 marks the continuation of an important Canadian hockey tradition. Winner of three Gemini Awards, it was recognized for Best Sports Program (2004) and Best Host in a Sports Program (Ron MacLean in 2004 and 2006). Previous host locations include Stratford, Ont. (2010), Campbellton, N.B. (2009); Winkler, Man. (2008); Nelson, B.C. (2007); Stephenville, Nfld. (2006); Shaunavon, Sask. (2004); Iqualuit, Nunavut (2003); Windsor, N.S. (2002); Red Deer, Alta. (2001); and Toronto, Ont. (2000).

NBC Promotes Game 6 Coverage

NEW YORK – June 8, 2010 – The Chicago Blackhawks can win their first Stanley Cup since 1961 with a victory against the Philadelphia Flyers at Wachovia Center in Game 6 of the 2010 Stanley Cup Final on Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on NBC Sports.

Dan Patrick again serves as event host for NBC Sports’ coverage. Mike “Doc” Emrick (play-by-play), who is calling his 12th Stanley Cup Final, Eddie Olczyk (analyst) and Pierre McGuire (inside-the-glass reporter) will call the action. Patrick hosts NBC’s studio show alongside analysts Mike Milbury and Jeremy Roenick.

Chicago leads the series 3-2 and can win its first Stanley Cup in 49 years with a victory. It is the longest current Stanley Cup drought. Philadelphia will attempt to stave off elimination and force a Game 7. The Flyers are 4-0 in the 2010 playoffs in elimination games and have defeated the Blackhawks all three times they played in Philadelphia this season, including Games 3-4 of the Stanley Cup Final.

MCGUIRE: “Philadelphia has proven they can bounce back for big games. Chicago is very comfortable right now. Game 5 was their big bounce back. They really pushed the pace.”

MILBURY: “The response from Chicago was everything they needed. They answered the bell so resoundingly in Game 5. As hard as Chicago played, Philadelphia never made it easy. They didn’t stop until the final whistle. The central question is, does Chicago have the will and character to match Philadelphia? If they do, they win the Stanley Cup.”

MCGUIRE ON HOME ICE: “Home ice matters in this series. Both fan bases have been so energized. It’s big for Philadelphia to be back at home.

MILBURY ON THE PHILLY CROWD: “They make it abundantly clear that they are there for the home team. It can be distracting for visiting players. The only way to neutralize that is to get an early lead.”

VIEWERSHIP: Sunday night’s Stanley Cup Final between the Blackhawks and Flyers was the most-watched and highest-rated non-overtime Game 5 in eight years. It was watched by 5.85 million viewers and posted a 3.3/6 rating, the most since 2002 (6.85 million and 4.2/8, Carolina-Detroit, ABC). The viewership and rating were up 31 and 38 percent, respectively, vs. last year’s Game 5 (4.45 million; 2.4/5), between the then-defending Stanley Cup champion Detroit Red Wings and Pittsburgh Penguins, featuring Sidney Crosby. In 2008, a triple-overtime game between Detroit and Pittsburgh was watched by 6.25 million viewers and generated a 3.8/7 rating.

The 2010 Stanley Cup Final is averaging 5.39 million viewers for the three games broadcast by NBC Sports (Games 1-2 & 5), the best viewership for the first three Stanley Cup games on network in eight years (5.77 million, 2002, Carolina-Detroit, ABC).

ON NBC SPORTS: Chicago is 7-2 on NBC Sports this season, including 3-0 against Philadelphia in the Stanley Cup Final (Games 1-2, 5). Philadelphia is 2-6 on NBC Sports in 2010.

GAME 7: If the Flyers win Game 6, NBC Sports will broadcast Game 7 this Friday at 8 p.m. ET from United Center in Chicago. It would be the second consecutive Stanley Cup Final Game 7 broadcast by NBC Sports. Last year, Pittsburgh defeated Detroit, 2-1, at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit.