VERSUS Scores Big in Chicago For Game 2

Lower than Game #1, but bigger than any CSN rating ever.  From Phil Rosenthal:

Chicago Blackhawks fans found Versus even more easily than their team found the net in their Game 2 4-2 Western Conference finals victory over the San Jose Sharks late Tuesday, giving the Hawks their highest cable ratings to the postseason.

The 10.93 household rating in the Chicago market (which translates to more than 382,000 area homes) eclipses the Hawks’ Comcast SportsNet Chicago’s all-time high, a 10.14 household rating (or a hair under 323,000 homes) two weeks earlier for Game 3 of the Western semifinals against Vancouver.

It represents a steady rise for Versus, which has increased its Chicago-area distribution and, like the Blackhawks, built its following since a year ago, when Rocky Wirtz, the team chairman, scoffed, “A lot of people don’t even realize that Versus exists.”

3 Responses to VERSUS Scores Big in Chicago For Game 2

  1. J says:

    Rocky Wirtz is a cheap, two-bit hypocrite for taking potshots at Versus the way he does. I mean what a joke this guy is ripping the NHL’s tv partner when his family kept the Blackhawks off local tv for how many years?

  2. Colton says:

    I hope Rocky Wirtz stops complaining that nobody gets Versus. There getting better ratings on Versus than they are on their own channel.

  3. kevin says:

    Shouldn’t they be doing better than a 10…? There are no other teams in Chicago that are anything more than completely awful…Bulls, Cubs, Sox, Bears…total garbage

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