Stanley Cup Research: Games on American Television from 1993-2009

(NOTE: This counts in games ESPN aired on alternate feeds for markets that were blacked out of first-round games, a practice that ran from 1994-2003.  This also includes games aired as JIP (Joined in Progress) on VERSUS, a practice that runs from 2007-present.   Finally, of course FOX, ABC and NBC broadcasts that used regionalizing are counted as well, a practice that ran from 1993-2007.  Enjoy, and see if you can spot the year in which ESPN stopped really pushing it’s NHL coverage.)

(Source: The 506)

1993-1994, ESPN and ABC

44 games
ABC – 10 games
Total – 54 games

48 games
ESPN2 – 14 games
ABC – 5 games
Total – 67 games

1995-99, ESPN, ESPN2 and FOX

26 games
ESPN2 – 23 games
FOX – 15 games
Total – 64 games

ESPN – 35 games
ESPN2 – 18 games
FOX – 15 games
Total – 68 games

ESPN – 33 games
ESPN2 – 23 games
FOX – 14 games
Total – 70 games

34 games
ESPN2 – 25 games
FOX – 12 games
Total – 71 games

34 games
ESPN2 – 28 games
FOX – 14 games
Total Games – 76 games

2000-04, ESPN, ESPN2 and ABC

39 games
ESPN2 – 21 games
ABC – 14 games
Total – 74 games

42 games
ESPN2 – 22 games
ABC – 18 games
Total – 82 games

42 games
ESPN2 – 24 games
ABC – 16 games
Total – 82 games

33 games
ESPN2 – 29 games
ABC – 16 games
Total – 78 games

27 games
ESPN2 – 33 games
ABC – 17 games
Total – 77 games

2006-present, VERSUS and NBC

51 games
NBC – 17 games
Total – 68 games

49 games
NBC – 13 games
Total – 62 games

52 games
NBC – 13 games
Total – 65 games

58 games
NBC – 13 games
Total – 71 games


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10 Responses to Stanley Cup Research: Games on American Television from 1993-2009

  1. Ryan says:

    Happens to be the year right after half a season was lost to a lockout, I notice. 😛

    On another note–and since I don’t really know where to put this–neat to see Paul Romanuk finally kiss and make up with TSN (he’s calling a couple WHC games on TSN2 today). He was one of my favourite announcers when I was a kid.

  2. Jeremy says:

    I don’t think Romanuk ever had a disagreement per say with TSN – he simply moved to London, England to support his wife’s career.

  3. Ryan says:

    Before that, I think they were upset with him when he left for The Team radio.

  4. Al says:

    You can’t count JIP games from Versus. It’s a weak way to inflate their total when they didn’t televise the whole game and/or in most cases used another channel’s feed. Let’s call the bias toward Versus out here. Stop sucking up.

    We missed game 5 and most of game 6 of the Flyers/Bruins series because Versus wanted to show Pens/Habs. We didn’t see the 2 Flyers goals in game 6 live.

    I know Versus isn’t at fault for the NHL scheduling two 2nd round games at the same time but can we make the whole games available to everybody? Next year, the league should have 2 cable partners in the U.S. to carry playoff games.

    Let Versus and ESPN share the cable TV rights. ESPN doesn’t air NBA games on Mondays thru Thursdays during the 1st round (they go Friday-Sunday), TNT does. That leaves plenty of room there and ESPN2 has nothing important if ESPN wants to use that as their hockey channel. There’s no excuse for key 1st and 2nd round games to not be seen in the U.S. because we only have one channel airing them.

  5. Sean says:

    I still don’t see why the NHL would leave NBC/Versus right when Comcast is trying to create a mega-TV monster by buying NBC. If I’m Bettman & the NHL, I stay put and hope Comcast uses its muscle to make Versus a true competitor to ESPN.

    Also, I’d be more interested in the amount of regular season games aired by Versus compared to ESPN. Any network is going to put on playoff hockey…but I think (no numbers, just a guess) that Versus has aired far more regular season hockey.

  6. Josh says:

    I’m just curious – how does Versus’ treatment of the NHL in the regular season compare to TNT/ESPN’s treatment of the NBA in the regular season? Versus airs two games a week typically, right? How many NBA games are on TNT and ESPN most weeks of the regular season?

    • Mike says:

      I think most weeks TNT has a doubleheader on Thursdays and ESPN usually has games on Friday nights. ESPN might have games on other nights as well, but I’m pretty sure TNT just does the Thursday doubleheaders during the regular season. I could see Versus adding more games next season though, after the Olympics this year they added quite a few games to the schedule for the rest of the regular season.

      • nosferatu says:

        ESPN seems to often have games on Wednesday nights, or–when this isn’t the case (if, say, a Yankees-Red Sox game takes precedence)–one or two games on Sunday evenings.

  7. @bbryon says:

    I see it slowing up after the 03′ season. But heck let’s just bring back Thorne & Clement! Versus & ESPN should both be covering…I can dream can’t I?

  8. Spiderpig says:

    TNT also has Tuesday night doubleheaders while ESPN has Wednesday doubleheaders most of the time.

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